In a league of his own

Sri Lanka, July 12 -- The legendary Louie Bellson once said, "Drummers are the tone of life: We are rhythm, we are timing, we are pacing". The good natured genial Hassan Musafer believed in the saying... Read More

Veteran Children's author Sybil Nanda no more

Sri Lanka, July 12 -- The beloved children's writer and illustrator Sybil Nanda /Athamma is no more but will always be remembered and loved by all who read her books. She will live through her wonderf... Read More

Fishermen survive ordeal in deep sea

Sri Lanka, July 12 -- Thirty-seven-year-old Dinesh Janaka Kumara had given up hope when they saw a ship sailing in their direction. With fellow fishermen, he did what any man hanging on the keel of a ... Read More

Managing media on the road to Nanthikadal

Sri Lanka, July 12 -- While all journalists were not given free access to the battle zone, and Western journalists hugely resented this constraint, a lesson had been learned from the US invasion of Ir... Read More

Music and rhythm in Jananath's blood

Sri Lanka, July 12 -- Chandanan yasa theja kunkuma /anda digaganan urathalaBinda sathuru adhuru pahara /bandu kamalaseNanda Wijaya Shri WickramaRajasingha nam apahimiInadra sirin nithi rakadenkanda ku... Read More

Sri Lanka likely to ban some foreign organisations and those with LTTE links

Sri Lanka, July 12 -- Colombo, July 8: Sri Lanka is likely to re-list some foreign organisations and individuals as 'terrorist' under UN Security Council (UNSC) Resolution No: 1373 following intellige... Read More

Moon's impact on moods

Sri Lanka, July 12 -- The celebrated English poet William Blake wrote:The moon, like a flower,In heaven's high bowerWith silent delightSits and smiles on the night. Such poets, lovers and anglers kno... Read More

World oil prices drop further

Sri Lanka, July 12 -- World oil prices continue to fall due to the global spread of the corona virus. The price of a barrel of Brent crude fell about 2 percent to $ 41.72 yesterday, and the U.S. WTI.... Read More

UN Security Council convenes next Wednesday

Sri Lanka, July 12 -- The United Nations Security Council has convened a special meeting on Wednesday to discuss the danger of the sinking ship carrying 1.1 million barrels of crude oil stranded off t... Read More

Looking back on 25 years of Vietnam-US relations: role of parliamentarians

Hanoi (VNA), July 12 -- On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Vietnam-US diplomatic ties , Nguyen Tuong Van, Secretary-General of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA), has penned an arti... Read More