PM urges police to serve people with professionalism and sympathy

Dhaka, Jan. 29 -- Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday asked the members of Bangladesh Police to reach its services to the doorsteps of the people, upholding the concept of the citizen services in t... Read More

Integrating biodiversity conservation and importance of corridors

Dar es Salaam, Jan. 29 -- INTEGRATING biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation into development programming is important because healthy ecosystems underpin human well-being and economi... Read More

President Jokowi kicks off Indonesia's 2023 ASEAN Chairmanship

Jakarta, Jan. 29 -- President Joko Widodo officially kicked off Indonesia's 2023 ASEAN Chairmanship at the launching event in Hotel Indonesia Roundabout here, Sunday. Arriving at the roundabout with ... Read More

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day 29 January 2023: An eerie hole in the sky

India, Jan. 29 -- NASA takes you on a quick virtual tour of different places in the deep cosmos on a daily basis. Today, the space agency has shared a dreadful image in which stars have mysteriously d... Read More

When South Africa dances with Russian barbarism

Uganda, Jan. 29 -- South Africa occupies a unique position in the minds of many Africans. Some are old enough to have followed events as they happened under apartheid. Younger Africans read their hist... Read More

Promising reassurances

Sri Lanka, Jan. 29 -- "We will bat for you" is a cricket term that one would not usually hear from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which is usually headed by Americans or Europeans. But this ti... Read More

Afghanistan's hidden women cricketers praise Australia for not playing the men

Sri Lanka, Jan. 29 -- Afghanistan's women cricketers say the International Cricket Council has not contacted them since they fled the country 18 months ago. Most of the team were granted emergency vi... Read More

Sri Lanka needs us $ 7-8b in investments

Sri Lanka, Jan. 29 -- Sri Lanka will need around USD 7 to 8 billion in investments, to achieve the 70% renewable energy (RE) target by 2030, said co-founder and Managing Director/CEO of Regen Renewabl... Read More

Women as agents of change in Multilateralism

Sri Lanka, Jan. 29 -- January 25 marked International Day of Women in Multilateralism, an occasion to celebrate the progress and significant achievements that have been made for and by women who serve... Read More

Sri Lankan Americans' impact on life in America

Sri Lanka, Jan. 29 -- The earliest Sri Lankans to enter the United States were classified as "other Asians." Immigration records show that between 1881 and 1890, 1,910 "other Asians" were admitted to ... Read More