Cinema opportunity

Bangladesh, Oct. 21 -- The number of cinema halls is reportedly declining every year although there is still demand for movies in the country. Some people argue that the entertainment industry is suff... Read More

Wrongly implicated

Bangladesh, Oct. 21 -- Last week, a 55-year-old man from Natore was finally freed of charges he was wrongly implicated after 17 years of suffering. Bablu Sheikh was made an accused in a case, in place... Read More

Gas cylinder blasts

Bangladesh, Oct. 21 -- Three members of a family died and three others sustained critical wounds in explosion of gas cylinder of an ambulance in Chattogram last week. At least 18 people suffered burn ... Read More

Colostrum deficiency

Bangladesh, Oct. 21 -- Almost 50 per cent (49 per cent to be accurate) of newborns in Bangladesh do not get colostrum, says a recent UNICEF global report. Colostrum is the first milk of the mother tha... Read More

Commercial production of Sonali bags

Bangladesh, Oct. 21 -- The pilot project under which 100,000 jute poly bags will be manufactured is nearing the end of its gestation period. It comes to an end on October 31, and the target of the pro... Read More

High cost of treatment abroad

Bangladesh, Oct. 21 -- Around US$4.0 billion flies out of the country as medical expenses annually' screamed the headline of a report published in one of the Bengali contemporaries late last week. Hal... Read More

'World Craft City' status for Sonargaon

Bangladesh, Oct. 21 -- The recognition of Sonargaon, a region not far from Dhaka, as a World Craft City is undoubtedly a befitting tribute to the place. It was the birthplace of the fabled 'muslin'. T... Read More

Canada goes to the polls today: A day of reckoning for Trudeau

Bangladesh, Oct. 21 -- On both sides of the Atlantic, populist and nationalist sentiments appear to be growing. Rising anti-establishment fervour emerging around the world has left voters in most of t... Read More

Turkish assault on northern Syria and adjoining territories

Bangladesh, Oct. 21 -- The evolving situation on the Turkish-Syrian-Iraqi Kurdish border continues to create anxiety not only in that region but also elsewhere -- including the European Union (EU) and... Read More

City road crash kills auto driver

Bangladesh, Oct. 21 -- A CNG-run auto-rickshaw driver was killed as a covered van hit his auto-rickshaw in Rayerbag Bus stand area early on Sunday morning, police sources say. The victim was identifi... Read More