Bata Shoe declares 'no' final dividend

Dhaka, July 9 -- The board of directors of the Bata Shoe Company (Bangladesh) has recommended 'no' final dividend for the year ended on December 31, 2019 due to the worldwide as well as the countrywid... Read More

Stocks open higher amid soaring turnover

Dhaka, July 9 -- Stocks witnessed an upward trend in early trading on Thursday as optimistic investors showed their appetite following the minimum shareholding ultimatum by the stock market regulator.... Read More

Indian economic zone: Delhi set to offer $115 million

Dhaka, July 9 -- The economic zone dedicated to Indian investors is set to avail US$115 million under the third credit line from the neighbouring country, a top official said on Tuesday. "The Indian ... Read More

Is Covid-19 reaching its peak in Bangladesh? Experts divided

Dhaka, July 9 -- Though four months have elapsed since the detection of the first three Covid-19 cases in Bangladesh, health experts are still divided over the coronavirus whether it is going through ... Read More

SDG 10 & 11: Addressing economic disparities and poor urban settlements

Dhaka, July 9 -- The SDG framework identifies inequality as a key barrier in ensuring truly inclusive development to drive human progress towards sustainability and universal wellbeing. The Gini coeff... Read More

Monetary policy geared to post-pandemic financial stability

Dhaka, July 9 -- Within a period of less than four months of the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic in Bangladesh, the economy has seriously been affected by a sharp decline in external demand, shocks in s... Read More

Connections and rise of monsters

Dhaka, July 9 -- It is all about connections, political or otherwise. The individual who owns the now infamous Regent Hospital has proved himself to be highly crafty in exploiting the same. None is e... Read More

Writ challenges BB letter fining One Bank

Dhaka, July 9 -- The High Court on Thursday started hearing on a writ petition filed by One Bank challenging a Bangladesh Bank letter that fined One Bank Tk 1.0 million on charge of violating Section ... Read More

A university's politico-cultural identity

Dhaka, July 9 -- The University of Dhaka's non-inclusion in most of the lists over the last three/four decades containing the names of the world's major universities may not be that unusual. To these ... Read More

28 teams to monitor price movement

Dhaka, July 9 -- The government has reconstituted 28 teams aiming to monitor the price movement and deal with abnormal situation in the city markets, officials said. The government intends to closely... Read More