This could yet be India's worst economic crisis

New Delhi, Aug. 30 -- Our editorial of 2 February on this year's Union budget, 'The big fiscal stimulus that could have been' had warned of "unknowns" that could get in the way of India's economy, amo... Read More

Higest ever covid-19 test conducted in a single day.10 updates

New Delhi, Aug. 30 -- India has crossed an important milestone in the fight against covid-19. For the first time, a record number of more than 10.5 lakh covid tests have been conducted in a single day... Read More

The GST face-off

New Delhi, Aug. 27 -- The stage seems set for a big confrontation between the Centre and states over goods and services tax (GST) compensation. On Thursday, the Union government virtually hinted at it... Read More

Bad bank? Bad idea

New Delhi, Aug. 26 -- The idea of a so-called "bad bank" as some sort of panacea for loans that have turned toxic and seized up credit markets gets trotted out often. On Wednesday, former Reserve Bank... Read More

The urgency that major reforms have acquired

New Delhi, Aug. 26 -- Rarely has an annual report received such attention. This one, though, was of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for the year that ended on 30 June 2020, covering a bit over three m... Read More

Too much bank fraud

New Delhi, Aug. 25 -- As personal data gets harder to protect and online banking ever more complex, Indians seem increasingly vulnerable to being ripped off. According to the Reserve Bank of India's a... Read More

India needs an upturn in telecom data tariffs

New Delhi, Aug. 25 -- As the viability of India's telecom industry takes centre stage, the seemingly endless tryst of mobile phone users with super-cheap data tariffs may be nearing an end. Sunil Bhar... Read More

Congress fireworks

New Delhi, Aug. 24 -- Sparks flew at the Congress Working Committee meeting on Monday, a few days before which 23 leaders had written Sonia Gandhi a letter that sought an overhaul of the party and the... Read More

Frictionless trade can deliver faster growth

New Delhi, Aug. 24 -- Trade across borders is in bad shape across the world. Multilateral rules have been flouted, protectionist impulses have grown in line with nationalist politics, and the globalis... Read More

Lights, camera...

New Delhi, Aug. 23 -- With covid going nowhere in the near future, resumption of economic activity is imperative. Livelihoods are at stake, and the Indian economy can't be held back for too long. The ... Read More