Opinion | The persistence of caste in business

New Delhi, April 29 -- Caste is often described as "division of labour" dating back to antiquity, though its hereditary basis still results in much inequity. In spite of its claims to an economic rati... Read More

Opinion | RBI must not expose itself to excessive risk

New Delhi, April 28 -- Last week's rupee-for-dollar swap auction carried out by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has reportedly been an even greater success than its first such exchange last month. As ... Read More

SBI recurring deposit (RD) interest rates, minimum deposit amount explained

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The summer that changed you?

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Tax dept revises Form 16: Here's all you need to know

New Delhi, April 27 -- The change Form 16 is the document that has details of your income and tax saving investments. Last week, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) changed the format of Form 16... Read More

PepsiCo willing to settle with Indian farmers over potato dispute

New Delhi, April 27 -- American food and beverage company PepsiCo has offered to settle an ongoing row with farmers in the state of Gujarat after the company filed a lawsuit against them for growing a... Read More

Opinion | Don't smear all defaulters

New Delhi, April 26 -- The Supreme Court has directed the Reserve Bank of India to release its list of wilful defaulters and disclose its annual inspection reports of banks under the Right to Informat... Read More

Opinion | Wake up, Bollywood

New Delhi, April 26 -- Marvel Cinematic Universe's film 'Avengers: Endgame' has had a Hulkesque opening. It raked in $216.6 million worldwide on its first day, with $47.6 million coming from China. In... Read More

Opinion | Every breath you take, every move you make

New Delhi, April 25 -- Tracking individuals online, even in an ostensible bid to guard against theft, can have unintended consequences, as the recent suit filed against Apple Inc. indicates. An 18-yea... Read More

Opinion | Reliance Jio's spectacular rise

New Delhi, April 25 -- Most people who spend even a little time in front of the idiot box would already know through Reliance Jio's advertisements that its subscriber base has crossed the 300 million ... Read More