Opinion | The railways lose steam

New Delhi, Dec. 3 -- The Comptroller and Auditor General has flagged deteriorating finances of Indian Railways. The national rail carrier's so-called "operating ratio" (OR) reached a decade's low poin... Read More

Opinion | Big Brother is scanning

New Delhi, Dec. 3 -- China has introduced a new law that makes it mandatory for its citizens to undergo face scans while applying for new SIM cards or buying mobile phones. The policy was first announ... Read More

Opinion | KCR's got it wrong

New Delhi, Dec. 2 -- Telangana chief minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao ought to withdraw a statement he made in response to an uproar over the grisly gang-rape and murder of a 26-year old veterinarian in ... Read More

Opinion | New Delhi warms up to labour market reforms

New Delhi, Dec. 2 -- The new Labour Code on Industrial Relations that was tabled in Parliament last week aims to rationalize the terms under which companies employ people in India, and makes space for... Read More

Opinion | KCR's faulty concern

New Delhi, Dec. 2 -- Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao would be well advised to withdraw a statement he made in response to the nationwide uproar over the grisly gang-rape and murder of a ... Read More

Opinion | Don't junk past projects

New Delhi, Dec. 2 -- After Andhra Pradesh, it's now the new government of Maharashtra that seems hell bent on overturning decisions taken by its predecessor. Newly sworn-in Chief Minister Uddhav Thack... Read More

Opinion | The AI-enabled taxman

New Delhi, Dec. 2 -- Mark Twain needs an update. Three things in life are inevitable: death, taxes and, now, artificial intelligence (AI). According to a news report, the Delhi government might take t... Read More

Opinion | The chill has spread across the economy

New Delhi, Dec. 1 -- India's economic slowdown intensified in the second quarter of 2019-20, with gross domestic product (GDP) growing at 4.5%, half a percentage point slower than in the previous thre... Read More

Opinion | Bulbs of fortune

New Delhi, Dec. 1 -- As onion prices surge across India, it's not just the common man who is getting teary eyed. Even the police are feeling the heat. That's because thefts of the bulb are on the rise... Read More

China wants US tariffs rolled back in phase one trade deal: Report

New Delhi, Dec. 1 -- Beijing is insisting US tariffs must be rolled back as part of any phase one trade deal with Washington, China's Global Times newspaper said on Sunday citing unnamed sources, amid... Read More