1,500 railway stations in India are now Wi-Fi enabled

New Delhi, April 9 -- Giving a boost to Modi government's 'Digital India' initiative, RailTel has provided free high-speed Wi-Fi services to as many as 500 stations in just seven days. Sahibabad has b... Read More

Opinion | There is a method to the manifestos

New Delhi, April 8 -- If eyes can be called windows to the soul, then political manifestos are glimpses into the genetic coils of political parties, early indicators of the path waiting to be charted ... Read More

Top 15 banks that offer the lowest personal loan rates

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Secure the future of your loved ones with a term plan

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Opinion | It's never too late for a statute on statues

New Delhi, April 7 -- Mayawati's case in the Supreme Court over the installation of her statues in public places has revived the question of whether these are a waste of public funds. The Bahujan Sama... Read More

The Bezos divorce: Inequity gains

New Delhi, April 5 -- American equity markets sighed in relief after details emerged of how Amazon.com Inc. founder Jeff Bezos and his former wife MacKenzie Bezos will divvy up their assets after thei... Read More

Too little too late

New Delhi, April 5 -- WhatsApp's initiatives aimed at curbing fake news seem to be well-intended, but their efficacy in safeguarding Indian elections from its ill effects is still in doubt, sadly. Its... Read More

Daiichi-Ranbaxy case: Will send Singh brothers to jail if guilty of contempt, says SC

New Delhi, April 5 -- The Supreme Court Friday expressed dissatisfaction over the replies filed by former Ranbaxy promoters Malvinder Singh and Shivinder Singh in response to its March 14 direction, a... Read More

Opinion | Governor Das lowers both a rate and a risk

New Delhi, April 4 -- The Reserve Bank of India's (RBI's) decision to cut its repurchase rate by a quarter percentage point, while maintaining its "neutral" stance, was somewhat anti-climactic, if not... Read More

Fuel tax fantasy

New Delhi, April 4 -- The Congress' promise of bringing fuel under the goods and services tax (GST) if voted to power raises the hope of a lighter burden on consumers. But it may be too early for anyo... Read More