Tashkent confirms 13 new recoveries

Tashkent, May 2 -- 13 patients have been discharged today from the Multidisciplinary Clinic of the Tashkent Medical Academy. Among the recovered are 7 people from the city of Tashkent and 6 from the ... Read More

Private notaries start operation in Uzbekistan

Tashkent, May 2 -- Private notaries have started their activities on May 1, the Ministry of Justice reported. Their activity is allowed pursuant to presidential decree of September 2019. The goal is t... Read More

Tashkent Police seds humanitarian aid to Syrdarya region

Tashkent, May 2 -- 9 tons of agricultural products, including potatoes, onions, carrots, as well as a ton of rice, sugar and pasta, 3 tons of flour, 500 liters of vegetable oil and other food were sen... Read More

Uzbekistan to hold final exams in universities online

Tashkent, May 1 -- Even the number of new infection cases is going down, the virus still poses a big threat to the world. With this in mind, the organization of final and entrance exams at universitie... Read More

Kashkadarya reports recovery of last patient

Tashkent, May 1 -- Kashkadarya region of Uzbekistan has become a territory free of coronavirus infection - the last patient was completely cured in the regional infectious diseases hospital. The last... Read More

President Shakat Mirziyoyev arrives in Sardoba district as dam in reservoir leaks leaving destruction behind

Tashkent, May 1 -- Part of the population of Sardoba district was evacuated today early in the morning as a dam in the reservoir leaked. "As a result of the leakage, the Kurgantepa village located in... Read More

World Bank allocates $200 million to Uzbekistan to mitigate effects of coronavirus

Tashkent, May 1 -- The World Bank's Board of Executive Directors approved today $200 million in additional development policy financing to support Uzbekistan's ongoing health, social, and economic pol... Read More

Mirziyoyev: food supply is of huge importance

Tashkent, April 30 -- As pandemic is far from over, the world market is seeing a decline in prices for oil, cotton, gas, electricity, while prices for food products are growing. Many countries have im... Read More

Czech Republic records worst drought in 500 years

Tashkent, April 30 -- The Czech Republic is suffering a "catastrophic" drought due to a lack of precipitation and increasing average temperatures that are leading to the evaporation of groundwater, En... Read More

Taxis are allowed to carry passengers maintaining certain conditions

Tashkent, April 30 -- Uzbek authorities decided to start gradual lifting of restrictions imposed to curb the coronavirus outbreak in the country starting from April 30, a governmental COVID-19 respons... Read More