NEW DELHI, Oct. 9 -- The main takeaway of "2023 India Ageing Report" of the United Nations Population Fund, India (UNFPA) released this September 27, is that by 2046 elderly population will likely sur... Read More

Church on a New Journey

NEW DELHI, Oct. 9 -- Synodality is the "way" of being Church. Pope Francis says it is the "path... which God expects of the Church of the third millennium." The Synod preparatory documents describe th... Read More

Mob Lynching: Justice First, Then Compensation

NEW DELHI, Oct. 9 -- It is an irony that the Madhya Pradesh Cabinet has decided to give compensation to the victims of mob lynching, without taking any serious measures to prevent the occurrence of su... Read More

From Blunder to Blunder

NEW DELHI, Oct. 9 -- Just when a reputed regional writer like Patricia Mukhim had described the present order in Manipur as a "reign of terror", the Government of India assured UN experts, "The situat... Read More

Throttling Media

NEW DELHI, Oct. 9 -- With a massive operation involving raids, searches, interrogation, detention and arrest of journalists, technicians, and consultants connected with Newsclick, a news portal that c... Read More

DeleteNews: Press Freedom Under Siege

NEW DELHI, Oct. 9 -- A new war is underway -- a war intended to silence criticism and erode what little freedom the Press has been left with. Just a day after the country paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi... Read More

Bihar's Caste Bombshell: Reshaping Politics and Equality

NEW DELHI, Oct. 9 -- On Gandhi Jayanti, October 2, the Vaikom Group in Delhi organised a program to commemorate the centenary of Vaikom Satyagraha, a significant event in Kerala's history. The highlig... Read More

Casting a New Mould

NEW DELHI, Oct. 9 -- The Bihar Caste Survey results are out despite the hurdles created by the Centre. And the outcome is revealing, though not surprising. The existing percentage of reservation is wa... Read More

Speak Truth to the Power

NEW DELHI, Oct. 2 -- These are critical times in India's history: In fact, whether we would like to accept it or not, it is a break or make moment. At stake is the future of democracy based on the vis... Read More

Speak Truth at Your Peril

NEW DELHI, Oct. 2 -- Pioneering cartoonist Shankar spared none in his illustrations. In his political cartoons, he mercilessly lampooned the top leaders of the time including then Prime Minister Pandi... Read More