Cyber Attacks: Better Safe Than Sorry

NEW DELHI, Dec. 12 -- About a fortnight back, that is on November 23, several patient-related e-services like appointments, registrations, smart billing, admission, discharge, report generation, etc.,... Read More

Plague is the new Name for Development

NEW DELHI, Dec. 12 -- Gabriel Garcia Marquez published ''Love in the Time of Cholera'' which he calls a novel of two people's love, thwarted in their youth, finally flourished when they are aged. Love... Read More

Twisted Views on Conversions

NEW DELHI, Dec. 12 -- Ashwini Upadhyaya has filed a suit in the Supreme Court alleging Amazon has funded money to Baptist church in North-East for conversions; it further says that conversions all ove... Read More

Insights from Bharat Jodo Yatra

NEW DELHI, Dec. 12 -- Rahul Gandhi started Bharat Jodo Yatra on September 7, 2022 with the plan of covering a distance 3500 km from Kanyakumari to Srinagar. According to the Congress party, the yatra ... Read More

No Merit in Delisting Demand

NEW DELHI, Dec. 12 -- Delisting is a demand from certain sections of the Hindus to remove the converted indigenous people to Christianity and Islam from the list of Scheduled Tribes (STs). Those who s... Read More

Election Results: Modi's Vulnerability

NEW DELHI, Dec. 12 -- There was a time when the average Bengali in West Bengal considered the Communist Party of India (Marxist) as a Bengali party. Nothing mattered to them more than the leadership o... Read More

Minority Victimization

NEW DELHI, Dec. 12 -- The illusion of establishing homogenous nationalism by provoking the sentiments of religious majority is an emerging trend that is visible and which is detrimental to the religio... Read More

Minority scholarships: Slow Poisoning at Work

NEW DELHI, Dec. 12 -- Mohsina (name changed) has been attending an affordable private school ever since she started studying. So have been her siblings. The nearest government school is around 10 kms ... Read More

A Blow to Minority Students

NEW DELHI, Dec. 12 -- Do not cut off the branch you are sitting' seems to be the best adage to characterize the recent decision of the Central Government to discontinue the scholarship scheme to stude... Read More

Bob's Banter by Robert Clements Carry the People with You..!

NEW DELHI, Dec. 5 -- Just a few weeks ago, Chinese Prime Minister Xi, managed to get unlimited powers from the members of the party he belonged to. Today, he fights rage and anger, causing unpreceden... Read More