The Church's Response to the Indian General Election

NEW DELHI, March 25 -- The Church's response to the Indian general election in a pluralistic world should be multifaceted, reflecting its commitment to social justice, religious freedom, and the commo... Read More

A Visionary for Building a Civilisation of Love: Remembering Fr. Varghese Alengaden on His First Death Anniversary

NEW DELHI, March 25 -- On January 12, 2024, a couple came to the USM to invite the community to their daughter's wedding. While sitting and talking, the conversation turned to Fr. Varghese Alengaden. ... Read More

Open Reply to PM: Treat Everyone Equitably

NEW DELHI, March 25 -- Dear Shri Narendra Modi Ji, I was pleasantly surprised to receive your letter dated March 15 in both Hindi and English. You mentioned in your letter how you have received trust... Read More

The Constitutional Quandary of Fact-Checking Unit

NEW DELHI, March 25 -- Amidst whispers of combating the rampant spread of misinformation, the Government orchestrated an amendment to the IT Act, unfurling the grand announcement of a Fact Check Unit ... Read More

Supreme Court upholds Freedom of Speech and expression

NEW DELHI, March 25 -- Upholding the fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression and nullifying the Union government's attempt to censor news and views on social media sites it considers fal... Read More

SC Intervention for a Free Tomorrow

NEW DELHI, March 25 -- Recently, the Supreme Court has emerged as a staunch defender of democratic values, reaffirming its role as the guardian of citizens' rights. After its landmark decision to abol... Read More

The Flag, a Fruit of the Root...!

NEW DELHI, March 18 -- The house with a flag flying atop it looked with disdain at the neighbouring home with no flag on it. "No flag?" it asked. "It's an invisible one I fly!" said the home with no ... Read More

Life and Most Eminent Values

NEW DELHI, March 18 -- I live. For me, life is most eminent. It is the most important of everything. When my life is more important, all other matters are insignificant. For me, being male or female i... Read More

Wise Becoming Fools

NEW DELHI, March 18 -- The recent controversy surrounding the names of two lions, Sita and Akbar, at a zoo in Kolkata, has ignited a heated debate about the power of religious beliefs and their impact... Read More

Majoritarian Nationalism: Undermining Scientific Temper

NEW DELHI, March 18 -- Since the Hindu nationalist BJP took the reigns of power a decade ago, there has been a deliberate promotion of a pattern of policymaking in education, which is based more on re... Read More