Elon Musk's Neuralink Brain Chip: Boon or Bane?

NEW DELHI, Feb. 12 -- On January 29th (Monday), 2024, Neuralink, Elon Musk's brain-computer interface company, achieved a significant milestone with its inaugural successful human implantation. Elon M... Read More

Industrial-Rural Bandh Calling Out Social Deficiencies

NEW DELHI, Feb. 12 -- People will never forget the 13-month-long historic strike in 2021 for farmers' rights. 711 farmers died during the lengthy strike resulting from the corporatisation of agricultu... Read More

Jan Nayak Karpoori Thakur's wake-up call

NEW DELHI, Feb. 12 -- Like countless people, I was very happy when President Droupadi Murmu announced the name of Karpoori Thakur as the posthumous recipient of the highest civilian honour of Bharat R... Read More

Why Bharat Ratna for L K Advani?

NEW DELHI, Feb. 12 -- When the Congress government headed by Manmohan Singh decided in 2013 to confer the highest national award, Bharat Ratna, on Sachin Tendulkar, many asked, "Why"? Some even compla... Read More

A Peepal Leaf to Captivate People

NEW DELHI, Feb. 12 -- The government will award the Bharat Ratna to five people this year, the highest yet. Along with the previously announced L K Advani and Karpoori Thakur, the government has also ... Read More

The Missing Spectacles..!

NEW DELHI, Feb. 5 -- On silver sands on a beachfront, my pair of reading glasses looked myopically at the sea. I discovered they were missing only after reaching home. Couldn't find my spare pair eith... Read More

Challenge to be Energetic

NEW DELHI, Feb. 5 -- Here comes a man carrying on his shoulders a bundle of firewood. Someone asks him: "what is it that you are carrying". " I am carrying the source of energy; I cook my food with th... Read More


NEW DELHI, Feb. 5 -- A person's dying wish is sacred. Jesus' last desire, when "he raised his eyes to heaven" (Jn 17:1), was "that they may be one like us" (v11) and again "May they all be one" (v21).... Read More

Stunting Intellectual Growth in Institutions of Higher Learning!

NEW DELHI, Feb. 5 -- In recent times, academic freedom in universities across India has deteriorated. We read how the dissenting opinions were crushed in varsities - public universities such as the Ce... Read More

Bihar: After the Judas Kiss

NEW DELHI, Feb. 5 -- For the common man walking along the streets of Patna, there is no doubt about it. Despite the thick winter fog on Sunday, January 28, it became as clear as crystal: Nitish Kumar ... Read More