Rahul Gandhi - the Man of the Moment

India, July 8 -- On July 1, 2024, Rahul Gandhi, participating in the debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President's address, made an astounding maiden speech as the Leader of the Opposition (LOP) i... Read More

A Tale of Two Speeches: Of Love and Hatred

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Amid Fearful Shadows: Rahul Gandhi's Call and Stan Swamy's Legacy

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MP's, Please Keep Your Cool!

NEW DELHI, July 1 -- In this session of Parliament, the opposition seems to be boiling with rage, and with increased numbers, they intend to make a huge noise in the House and outside. But is this the... Read More

The Need for Eternal Vigilance

NEW DELHI, July 1 -- A decade ago, we were caught napping, and before we knew it, the "terrible twins" had snatched away our freedom. Then, out of nowhere and against all odds - predatory agencies tha... Read More

Is India in a State of Climatic Emergency?

NEW DELHI, July 1 -- The terrible heatwave spread across the country has been bothering me for a while, as I experienced it from March to April this year. Here are some interviews by media: Interview... Read More

Revitalizing the Democratic Soul of India

NEW DELHI, July 1 -- Plurality, inclusiveness, and tolerance have always been the essence of India, and they are manifested through its deeply rooted cultural and traditional diversities. The idea of ... Read More

Silence of the Religious and Political Leaders is Deafening

NEW DELHI, July 1 -- More than 100 former civil servants have said that the recent instances of "hate violence against India's minority communities, particularly Muslims", represent the "subordination... Read More

Mess in Education: Result of Saffronisation

NEW DELHI, July 1 -- The confusion and corruption in Indian higher education are blown up with the exposure of malpractices in the NEET UG exam, the cancellation of the UGC-NET exam, and the postponem... Read More

Nalanda Mahavihara: Did Bakhtiyar Khilji Destroy It?

NEW DELHI, July 1 -- The new campus of Nalanda University was inaugurated formally by Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi on 19 June 2024, in the presence of the ambassadors of many countries like Myanmar... Read More