Political Hypocrisy

NEW DELHI, June 22 -- Indian Law and Justice minister Ravi Shankar Prasad's shedding crocodile tears of joy at the successful 'home coming' of the poor little teen with her ailing and penniless father... Read More

Communal Virus

NEW DELHI, June 22 -- It is nothing but outrageous that the tragic death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala is being used to spread the communal virus by the vicious minds. There is no doubt that the pe... Read More

We Need Not Condemn The US

NEW DELHI, June 22 -- The US is reeling under nation-wide protests sparked off by the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer who pinned the already handcuffed 46-year-old black man fo... Read More

Solidarity With Apology

NEW DELHI, June 22 -- The conventional message conveyed by the 'Three Wise Monkeys' is: "See no evil; Hear no evil; Speak no evil." This sounds like a pious moral teaching or a set rules of "Don'ts". ... Read More

Blended Learning

NEW DELHI, June 22 -- Every educational institution is reflecting with its faculty members and other stakeholders to arrive at the balanced blend between online and offline modes of teaching-learning ... Read More

Digital Divide In Education

NEW DELHI, June 22 -- Corona Virus is spreading with vengeance all over the world. Corona Virus has brought out one thing clear to all. That richness and wealth will not come as a help in the face of ... Read More

Run The Race

NEW DELHI, June 22 -- Amidst the pandemic, classes went on. Theories of Achievement and tests of personality, statistical formulations and derivations of mathematical computations, analytical descript... Read More

Your Online Vs My Offline

NEW DELHI, June 22 -- Covid-19 has put many governments and institutions to test. The decision to conduct online classes and examinations was one such test which seems to have ended up in mixed result... Read More

I Can't Breathe..!

NEW DELHI, June 15 -- Even as I hear the dying cry of George Floyd gasping, 'I can't breathe!' I wonder who it is that cannot breathe? Is it the black minority that gasps under the weight of a white m... Read More

Ajit Jogi (1946 - 2020)

NEW DELHI, June 15 -- Ajit Pramod Kumar Jogi, the first chief minister of Chhattisgarh, died on May 29 due to cardiac arrest, after battling for life for the last 20 days in the hospital. The 74 years... Read More