Cab catches fire in a woodland in Moneragala killing one individual

Sri Lanka, March 22 -- A person died inside a cab that caught fire in Moneragala- Horomboowa near a woodland area . The deceased was a 50 year old resident of Moneragala- Hulangdaawa. The police med... Read More

Beliatta Pradeshiya Saba Opposition Leader succumbs to gunshot injuries

Sri Lanka, March 22 -- Police say a broader investigation will be launched looking into the death of Beliatta Pradeshiya Sabah Opposition Leader, Kapila Amarakoon. Amarakoon was shot at his private r... Read More

Online examination method introduced to Schools, to continue without interruption

Sri Lanka, March 22 -- The examination department stated that school examinations being held online, a method introduced for the first time by the examination department, has proven to be successful. ... Read More

S. B. exposes a secret

Sri Lanka, March 22 -- MP, S. B. Dissanayake says that several members of the SLFP were hoping to join the UNP. The MP expressed these views regarding the SLFP's current situation at a media briefing... Read More

Resolution about Sri Lanka passed at Geneva UNHRC, without a vote.

Sri Lanka, March 22 -- The United Nations Human Rights Council without a vote adopted the consensus resolution on Sri Lanka which proposes to give more time to Sri Lanka to fulfil its commitments for ... Read More

Protest against garbage dump in Puthlam - Riot police disperse protestors

Sri Lanka, March 22 -- Riot police dispersed a protest organized by residents voicing their opposition to t the Aruwakkalu garbage dumping ground this morning. Our correspondent stated that severe co... Read More

Wilpaththu issue a focus in Parliament - Petition against Minister Baduideen to be heard on June 28th

Sri Lanka, March 22 -- The Wilpattu forest vandalism which was exposed for the first time on the HIRU news bulletin was later shared extensively on social media. As a result, this national issue drew... Read More

The Hindu reveals details on the controversial Hambanthota oil refinery owned by a Tamil Nadu politician.

Sri Lanka, March 22 -- The Hindu newspaper revealed that the members of a politician linked to the Tamil Nadu political party, DMK are partners of the controversial oil refinery plant to be built in H... Read More

The fuel allowance for members of the Galle Municipal Council increased

Sri Lanka, March 21 -- At the monthly meeting of the Galle Municipal Council, a proposal to increase allowances for buying newspapers and fuel has been passed. Previously Councilors were not granted ... Read More

Underworld gang member arrested in Kaduwela with Kerala Ganja and drugs

Sri Lanka, March 21 -- A member of an underworld gang who was transporting heroin and Kerala Ganja in a car in Nawagamuwa - Kaduwela has been taken into custody. The Police Special Task Force said th... Read More