Diesel-run auto-rickshaws to go off Patna roads from January 31, 2021

India, Nov. 7 -- Bihar government move comes after Patna recorded worst air quality of the season on November 5 Thousands of auto-rickshaws running on diesel will go off the roads of Patna from the m... Read More

Meat industry worst among food-based industries in terms of water management

India, Nov. 7 -- New report says meat firms pollute groundwater and overuse water to farm their products The meat industry lags behind other industries within the food sector in terms of water resour... Read More

Major victory for indigenous groups in Ecuadorian Amazon

India, Nov. 7 -- Chinese company pulls out of contract to drill for oil in remote rainforest after protests by indigenous groups Indigenous leaders from Ecuador's Amazon declared victory on November ... Read More

IISF 2019: Experts talk about science through mass communication and research

India, Nov. 7 -- While one event was about mass communication tools to take science to the masses, the other talked about how budding Indian science researchers were faring A special event called 'Vi... Read More

What 3,000-year-old Egyptian wheat tells us about the genetics of our daily bread

India, Nov. 7 -- Researchers sequenced the genome of a 3,000-year-old sample of Egyptian emmer wheat; Comparisons with modern samples suggest a story of how the crop spread Human societies need food ... Read More

Influential new report abandons principle of Common But Differentiated Responsibility

India, Nov. 6 -- Almost 75% of the 184 pledges made by various countries under the Paris Agreement as insufficient to slow climate change A report titled the Truth Behind the Climate Pledges was rele... Read More

What the toxic air did to Delhites

India, Nov. 6 -- Down To Earth talks to doctors toget a senseof the ailments that residents of NCR are exposed to It has been more than a week of breathing heavily polluted air for Delhiites. It is s... Read More

11,000 scientists warn: Climate change isn't just about temperature

India, Nov. 6 -- A new paper track a broad set of indicators to convey the effects of human activities on greenhouse gas emissions, and the consequent impacts on climate, environment and society Exac... Read More

Telangana farmers in trouble after unseasonal rains destroy crops

India, Nov. 6 -- Most districts of the state registered a huge rainfall excess in September, which affected paddy, maize and cotton crops Telangana farmers are in trouble after unseasonal rains destr... Read More

Fall Armyworm controlled in Odisha

India, Nov. 6 -- Timely intervention andsustained awareness programmes by state agriculture dept preventedcrop loss Proper precaution and timely management by the state agriculture department and awa... Read More