AMR Awareness Week: Tackling antimicrobial resistance in agrifood systems through a One Health approach

India, Nov. 20 -- Adopting a whole-of-society and multi-sectoral approach is essential to address AMR effectively Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a major global threat to humans, animals, plants an... Read More

AMR Awareness Week: FAO's biosecurity protocol can help create healthy farms with less antibiotic use

India, Nov. 20 -- Thethree-zone biosecurity initiative by FAO was originally launched in 2013 to contain avian flu outbreaks The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has crea... Read More

Plastic-free planet: No consensus on intersessional work on INC-3 last day;revised zero draft to form basis of next session

India, Nov. 20 -- INC-4 to be hosted by Ottawa, Canada in a few months; INC-5 by Busan, South Korea in November 2024 The closing day of the third session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committe... Read More

AMR Awareness Week: The link with climate change, water & why we need to incentivise measures against antimicrobial resistance

India, Nov. 19 -- Many countries now have national AMR action plans, but implementation remains vastly different The World Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Week takes place from 18-24 November, 202... Read More

AMR Awareness Week: Educating teachers and students on antimicrobial use, resistance

India, Nov. 19 -- Educating children on antimicrobial use instils responsible habits and attitudes early on, shaping the behaviour of future patients and caregivers Many of us, at some point in time,... Read More

Plastic-free planet: On penultimate day of INC-3, contact groups complete 1st review of 'zero draft' revised sections

India, Nov. 19 -- Three contact groups with participating delegates and countries as member were formed by INC Chair to address specific sections of the zero draft On the sixth day of the ongoing thi... Read More

AMR Awareness Week: US FDA is too close to meat and drug industries when it comes to protecting public health

India, Nov. 18 -- FDA has helped to create antibiotic-intensive livestock system of US The United States is the world's third largest consumer of antibiotics for animal agriculture . Most of the use ... Read More

AMR Awareness Week: How colistin went from 'holy water' in medicine to 'sewage' of resistance

India, Nov. 18 -- More research is needed to find out the long-term effects of using colistin on humans The rise of resistance to the antibiotic colistin represents a formidable threat to global publ... Read More

Plastic-free planet: 3Rs of managing waste, addressing plastic pollution crisis at source come up at INC-3

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Predicting disasters: Technology behind early warning systems & countries with lowest adoption

India, Nov. 17 -- Asia and Africa have the lowest share of countries with early warning systems Science & Technology World Published by HT Digital Content Services with permission from Down to Earth... Read More