FSSAI's GMO threshold for imported food crops 'unacceptably high', says letter to health minister

India, Feb. 25 -- FSSAI issued an order on February 8 setting the permissible limit for GMO in imported food crops at 1% The one per cent threshold for genetically modified organisms (GMO) in food cr... Read More

How 'tiger farms' have turned a wild animal into a species worth more dead than alive

India, Feb. 25 -- Tigers in parts of east and south-east Asia can come in bottled form, sold openly in industrial breeding centres as tiger bone wine, a concoction that is claimed to treat arthritis ... Read More

Two-thirds of poor countries slashed education budget due to COVID-19: World Bank, UNESCO

India, Feb. 25 -- Cuts canlast for a long time as the pandemic continues to cause economic losses and make fiscal positions worse, warns report Two-thirds of low- and lower-middle-income countries cu... Read More

Why India's solid waste management system needs a digital overhaul

India, Feb. 25 -- The need for digitalization in waste collection and disposal operations goes beyond information technology Rapid increase in urbanisation and per capita income in India has signific... Read More

Invisible particles do matter for the air we breathe, finds studies

India, Feb. 25 -- Ultrafine particles having almost negligible weight, surface area do have an effect on haze formation, visibility and air pollution, the studies found The smallest, invisible partic... Read More

Who to blame for haemorrhagic septicemia in elephants? Odisha suspends a livestock inspector

India, Feb. 25 -- Environmentalists slam state, flag collapse of system Environmentalists in Odisha have slammed the state's move to suspensd a livestock inspector February 23, 2021 after seven eleph... Read More

Why efforts to clean up charcoal production in sub-Saharan Africa aren't working

India, Feb. 24 -- The average person in sub-Saharan Africa consumes 0.69 cubic metres of charcoal per year, 2.5 times more than the amount of wood fuel an average person consumes globally Charcoal is... Read More

Eight of 10 most polluted cities this winter from UP: CSE

India, Feb. 24 -- The smaller and upcoming cities were the pollution hotspots North Indian cities were over three times more polluted this winter than the average of South Indian cities, found an ana... Read More

State of India's Environment 2021: People and planet in peril

India, Feb. 24 -- COVID-19 may becomeendemic, or will continue to erupt but in limited ways in certain geographies. But its trails are already disrupting the world February 24, 2020 - this day last y... Read More

State of India's environment: Why farmers kill themselves

India, Feb. 24 -- The back of the Indian farmour is against the wall amid rising costs of inputs, climate change-induced risks and faulty market mechanisms More than 28 farmers and farm labourers die... Read More