Climate Emergency CoP 25: A storm is brewing on 'Loss and Damage'

India, Dec. 3 -- It is different from mitigation and adaptation, and it needs finance Loss and damage has a specific meaning in climate policy. It deals with unavoidable and irreversible impacts of c... Read More

Boiling point

India, Dec. 2 -- Greenhouse gas emissions could raise global temperatures much more than previously forecast leading to drought and flooding as weather patterns shift and polar ice melts For the firs... Read More

New European Union report on funding commitments fails to meet developing countries' expectations

India, Dec. 2 -- On its very second day, a leaked copy of the Danish proposal to replace the two track negotiations on Kyoto Protocol and Long Term Cooperative Action had found its way into the hands ... Read More

CSE organises unique 'Climate Talkies' poster exhibition in Warsaw alongside CoP19

India, Dec. 2 -- Only exhibition of its kind during the present CoP. Looks at 20 years of climate change negotiations through a cinematic prism "Dumb happens. So can smart." At the 19th Conference of... Read More

New ADP text circulated to countries. Negotiations to continue till late into the night

India, Dec. 2 -- Talks under the Ad hoc Working Group on Durban Platform (ADP), tasked to negotiate the global climate deal in 2015, seem to be heading nowhere. It's day 10 of climate negotiations in... Read More

Warsaw Climate Talks Day 12: November 22

India, Dec. 2 -- A developing country delegate received message that there has been no progress on long term finance. 4.03 AM The huddle story: A developing country delegate received message that th... Read More

Warsaw Climate Talks into Extra Time

India, Dec. 2 -- Bolivia and Nararu representing AOSIS, supports Fiji and G77+China. Arnab Pratim Dutta (@soulmoksha) 17.42 PM To break for 15 minutes to find an alternative word. 17.37 PM Nepal ... Read More

Better to have no rulebook than a weak rulebook, says CSE

India, Dec. 2 -- As negotiations enter the second week at the 24thmeeting of the Conference of Parties (CoP24) * As negotiations enter the second week at the 24thmeeting of the Conference of Parties ... Read More

The Katowice collapse

India, Dec. 2 -- Katowice fails. Its decision and the Paris Rulebook agreed here are un-ambitious, anti-science and dilute the Paris Agreement, says CSE A decision that wasn't Katowice fails. Its de... Read More

CSE Side Event: The Global Adaptation Goal and the Importance of Gender Transformative Resilience Finance

India, Dec. 2 -- Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), in partnership withCARE International, is organising side event at the UNFCCC Conference of Parties (CoP) in Katowice. Centre for Science an... Read More