Global team of experts identifies unifying global targets to combat AMR, says prevention is key

India, May 24 -- The simplicity of '1-10-100 targets' to fight AMR makes it easy to communicate the crisis and necessary measures to communities, say panelists at online meet A webinar hosted by AMR ... Read More

Youth health crisis: Alarming rise in unhealthy habits, poor diets in European teens, warns WHO

India, May 24 -- Fewer than two in five adolescents eat fruits or vegetables daily;teens from low-income families at higher risk A new report by the World Health Organization (WHO) paints a concernin... Read More

Can microbial methane oxidation systems control emissions from Indian dumpsites?

India, May 24 -- Innovative use of biocovers, which utilise fine fraction from landfill mining, presents a compelling model for methane control in Estonia As urbanisation and population growth contin... Read More

Rising temperatures trigger widespread coral bleaching in Gulf of Mannar & Palk Bay

India, May 24 -- Situation especially serious in Gulf of Mannar, while Palk Bay reefs still in relatively better condition The Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay, located off the southeast coast of India, s... Read More

Warming oceans, La Nina and reduced trade winds to fuel a hyperactive hurricane season for North Atlantic

India, May 24 -- There is 85% chance for formation of above-normal number of named tropical storms & hurricanes in 2024, NOAA predicts The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of th... Read More

Earth-sized exoplanet with potential for life discovered 40 light-years away

India, May 24 -- More analysisneeded to see if exoplanet Gliese 12 b has an atmosphere & maintains temperaturesthat allows liquid water Astronomers have discovered a potentially habitable exoplanet a... Read More

Honk! These monkeys have truly legendary noses - now we better understand why they evolved

India, May 24 -- One of the largest monkey species in Asia, proboscis monkeys (Nasalis larvatus) are endemic to the island of Borneo Of all the monkey species around the world, one stands out with it... Read More

Zambians, suffering from climate change-induced drought, lock kitchens, guard fields as theft, prostitution levels spike

India, May 23 -- Water stress coupled with food stress has also led to livestock diseases, with farmers forced to sell off cattle at throwaway prices to afford food Devastating levels of hunger follo... Read More

Sweet sorghum is a hardy, nutritious, biofuel crop that offers solutions in drought-hit southern Africa

India, May 23 -- Governments should be using their agriculture extension services to raise awareness among farmers, consumers about benefits & practical applications of sweet sorghum in people's diet ... Read More

World is rushing to Africa to mine critical minerals like lithium - how the continent should deal with the demand

India, May 23 -- Africa needs stronger resources governance: regulations, accountability and transparency Global demand for critical minerals , particularly lithium, is growing rapidly to meet clean ... Read More