Health: Mosquitoes genetically modified to combat dengue

India, Jan. 20 -- For the first time mosquitoes have been engineered to fight all 4 known types of dengue A team of researchers have engineered mosquitoes in a way that they are unable to spread the ... Read More

Looking beyond Pokemon Go: Augmented reality and virtual reality open vistas in medicine

India, Jan. 20 -- Surgeons who experience VR simulations had improved psycho-motor skills and their performance in the operating room improved significantly A few years ago Pokemon Go, an augmented r... Read More

Court Digest: Major environment hearings of the week (January 11-17, 2020)

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Global Eco Watch: Major ecological happenings of the week (January 13 - 19, 2020)

India, Jan. 19 -- Down To Earth brings you the top happenings in the world of global ecology New Mexico reauthorises trapping of foxes, bobcats and other animals The New Mexico Game Commission on Ja... Read More

Six million hectares of threatened species habitat up in smoke

India, Jan. 19 -- The Australian bushfireis wreaking havoc on the fauna of the country More than one billion mammals, birds, and reptiles across eastern Australia are estimated to have been affected ... Read More

Irrigation does more than deplete groundwater, it changes climate too

India, Jan. 17 -- More measured irrigation can help conserve water, suggests author of new study In India nearly 60 per cent of land area is used for agriculture, nearly half of that artificially irr... Read More

Link sanitation, solid waste to agriculture, Niti Aayog advises states

India, Jan. 17 -- Govt policy think tank asks chief secretaries to extract nutrients from human excreta and use them in place of fertilsers Explore the possibility of extracting essential nutrients l... Read More

Treasure in excreta: Fast-depleting phosphorus can be extracted from faecal sludge

India, Jan. 17 -- India needs morenitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for its agriculture How close is the world to "peak phosphorus" - that point in time when production of phosphorus will reach its ... Read More

Renewable energy: Curtailment is a bane that must be done away with

India, Jan. 17 -- If solutions to the problem are not found, it will add to the operational risk of renewable energy projects, discouraging investments 'Curtailment' of power generated by wind and so... Read More

Coronavirus: Passengers from China to be screened at Indian airports, advisory issued

India, Jan. 17 -- Second death in China; second case in Thailand reported The Union Ministry of health and family welfare has advised that Indians, if sick, should not visit China - especially Wuhan,... Read More