Unhealthy amendments

New Delhi, April 30 -- It was ultimately the narrative of a change foretold. The Narendra Modi government has notified amendments to the rules governing India's Patent Act, coolly ignoring the protest... Read More

India's unhealthy patent amendments

India, April 24 -- Despite strong pleas, the Modi regime has changed the rules to impose a cost on those who challenge faulty patents Illustration: Yogendra Anand / CSE It was ultimately the narrati... Read More

The pill that's roiling US drug regulation

India, April 11 -- The hard right is challenging FDA's authority to regulate drugswith its lawsuit to ban America's most used abortion pill The fuss is over a pill-an abortion pill that has been used... Read More

Suspect claims in Teva's suit against Cipla

India, April 2 -- The US Federal Trade Commission has warned the Israeli drug firm its patents are wrongful as it sues Cipla aggressively Patent infringement cases are inevitable in the pharma indust... Read More

Grab the pathogens, but don't share the drugs

India, March 18 -- Developing countries led by the African bloc fight for access tovaccine and therapy at WHO talks on pandemic policy Illustration: Yogendra Anand / CSE At the Geneva headquarters o... Read More