Over 2.8 billion people may be pushed into living in areas with severe ecological threats by 2050

India, Nov. 3 -- More than half of hotspot countries facing a severe threat are in sub-Saharan Africa The number of people residing in countries facing severe ecological threats will go up to 2.8 bil... Read More

Acute food insecurity: 4 African countries remain at highest concern level

India, Nov. 2 -- Burkina Faso, Mali, South Sudan and Sudan remain at the highest level of concern, finds report by FAO, WFP Acute food insecurity is likely to worsen in 18 hunger hotspots through Apr... Read More

Morocco should harness its abundant renewable energy potential for climate mitigation: IMF

India, Nov. 1 -- This can reduce Morocco's high reliance on imported fuels, give it comparative advantage in neighbouring markets that are embracing green energy Morocco possesses significant renewab... Read More

Tropical crops at risk from pollinator loss due to climate change, shift in land use, finds study

India, Oct. 15 -- Number of insects that pollinate tropical plants declined by 61% Tropical crops like coffee, cocoa, watermelon and mango, face a potential crisis due to the loss of insect pollinato... Read More

Diversifying economy, focusing on climate resilience: Congo can reduce rural poverty by 40%, says World Bank

India, Oct. 13 -- A $245 million investment in climate-smart agriculturecan increase crop yields by 50% and cut emissions by 12 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent More than 60 per cent of the populatio... Read More

Emerging drug resistance in eastern Africa hinders fight against malaria

India, Oct. 11 -- Most of the countries in Africa are not on track to achieving the goal of eliminating malaria in the continent by 2030 The treatment of malaria in eastern Africa is encountering a s... Read More

Teacher shortage: Sub-Saharan Africa needs 15 million new educators despite gap closing globally

India, Oct. 11 -- Recruitment target hardly changed in the region since 2016 There is a shortage of 15 million teachers in sub-Saharan Africa for the region to achieve its 2030 education goals, even ... Read More

Globally, 9 million girls face extreme risks of climate disaster and child marriage every year: Report

India, Oct. 11 -- The combination of threats has created emergency hotspots for girls' rights in Bangladesh and across sub-Saharan Africa Almost nine million girls around the world are facing an incr... Read More

Disruption in Black Sea Grain Initiative can worsen food security across Middle East, North Africa: Report

India, Sept. 27 -- Ban on rice export from India, fragile macroeconomic conditions may led to unprecedented food inflation in Middle East, North Africa Disruptions in the Black Sea grain route can wo... Read More

Refugees in camps go hungry, have poor access to healthcare, but those in cities not better off: Report

India, Sept. 26 -- Significant portions of urban refugees cannot cover health expenses, care for women during & after childbirth particularly poor in camps, shows study People displaced from their ho... Read More