Women's Day: UNDP bats for temporary basic income to combat COVID-19

India, March 5 -- Monthly investment of 0.07-0.31% of a developing countries' GDP can provide financial security to 613 million working-age women living in poverty A temporary basic income (TBI) for ... Read More

COVID-19: Over 500 million Africans may fall below extreme poverty line, warns report

India, March 4 -- Indicators such as fiscal deficits, rising debt and remittances are estimated to fall by 20% because of COVID-19 in Africa As many as nine out of 10 extremely poor people in the wor... Read More

Insubstantial collaboration with stakeholders in plastic waste management in Nepal: Study

India, March 4 -- Only 3% municipalities have worked or plan to work with companies and industries that use or produce plastic waste In Nepal, urban areas generate above 350 tonnes of plastic waste e... Read More

New sensor promises low-cost detection of methane emissions, leaks

India, March 2 -- The new sensor canbe used to better understand methane emissions from livestock and dairy farms; they enable a more accurate monitoring of climate crisis An accurate detection of ve... Read More

A third of freshwater fish face extinction: Report

India, Feb. 26 -- As many as 16 species were declared extinct in 2020 alone Nearly a third of all freshwater fish are threatened with extinction, according to a recent report published by 16 global c... Read More

Two-thirds of poor countries slashed education budget due to COVID-19: World Bank, UNESCO

India, Feb. 25 -- Cuts canlast for a long time as the pandemic continues to cause economic losses and make fiscal positions worse, warns report Two-thirds of low- and lower-middle-income countries cu... Read More

Area under tobacco cultivation in Africa rose over 3% in 6 yrs: WHO report

India, Feb. 17 -- The number of tobacco users in the WHO African Region increased to 73 million in 2018 from64 million adult users in 2000 Production of tobacco leaves shifted to developing countries... Read More

Nitrogen dioxide pollution reduces across north equatorial Africa in dry season: Study

India, Feb. 12 -- The researchers found that the area's socioeconomic development aided the dip in NO2 levels The concentration of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) has reduced in north equatorial Africa despit... Read More

Lack of finance data hampers climate goals in South Africa: Report

India, Feb. 10 -- South Africa is the world's 14thlargest emitter of carbon dioxide. Its national climate change response policy calls for inclusion of financial services sector Implementation of cli... Read More

12 million in UK face health risks due to climate change: Study

India, Feb. 10 -- Millions in the United Kingdom are vulnerable to long-term health risks, especially mental health problems, caused by blistering heatwaves and major floods, said a new study. These e... Read More