Armed conflict and climate risks contribute to weaken people's ability to cope, says ICRC report

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Climate shocks in early childhood hinder lifelong learning, new UN report reveals

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Inflow of refugees into Chad deepens existing vulnerabilities: World Bank

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Exploitable fish biomass could decline by 30% or more by century-end if emissions remain high: FAO

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Eastern & Southern Africa makes significant progress towards Global Biodiversity Framework Target 3: IUCN

New Delhi, July 3 -- A new report from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) reveals that Eastern and Southern Africa is halfway to achieving the coverage goal of the Global Biodiv... Read More

Urgent action required to address sub-Saharan Africa's energy equity: WEF report

India, June 24 -- Region demonstrates strongest growth in Energy Transition Index scores, driven by enhancements in energy access and affordability Sub-Saharan Africa is grappling with significant eq... Read More

Green signal: Significant foreign investment in Africa's clean energy sector in 2023 encouraging, says UNCTAD

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Residential solar PVs face challenges in South Africa - low affordability compromises mass appeal

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Climate change expanding geographical range of Rift Valley fever disease in eastern Africa

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Poor countries need $1.4 trillion annually for universal social protection: ILO

India, June 4 -- Over half of GDP needed for social protection in low-income nations; essential health care tops funding needs Universal social protection for low- and middle-income countries would r... Read More