IIT Madras student to improve algorithms in lattice cryptography

India, Jan. 22 -- Shweta Agrawal from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, has become one of the 14 recipients of the Swarnajayanti Fellowship 2020. It was instituted by the Centre to commemorate t... Read More

IIT Madras scientist to improve algorithms in lattice cryptography

India, Jan. 22 -- Lattice cryptography is an emerging technology for secret keeping Shweta Agrawal from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, has become one of the 14 recipients of the Swarnaja... Read More

Antibiotic resistance: How to tackle AMR in Africa

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Antibiotic resistance: AMR among poultry, cattle a worry for Kenya

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How India remains poor: 'It will take 7 generations for India's poor to reach mean income'

India, Jan. 21 -- World Economic Forum's latest report says social inequality negates gains from high economic growth Why does India remain persistently poor - especially specific group of its popula... Read More

India's declining rural income pulls downs global economic growth: IMF

India, Jan. 21 -- International Monetary Fund says downgrade of global economy due to India's dipping growth rates There is no ebb in India's economic woes. In its latest assessment, International Mo... Read More

Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders (January 21, 2020)

India, Jan. 21 -- Down To Earth brings you the top environmental cases heard in the Supreme Court, the high courts and the National Green Tribunal Ghaggar river pollution The National Green Tribunal... Read More

Pandukudia slum shows 'smart city' Bhubaneswar has a long way to go

India, Jan. 21 -- Informal settlements in Odisha capital lack toilets, running water& power; situation worsens during rains and natural disasters; women the worst off Climate-resilient infrastructure... Read More

Killer hospitals: Primary healthcare key to curb child deaths

India, Jan. 21 -- Doctors at Odisha'sVimsar hospital say if primary healthcare improves, the death toll at bigger hospitals would be fewer The lack of primary healthcare facilities leads to an increa... Read More

India's clean air plan overlooks 231 polluted cities: Report

India, Jan. 21 -- Air quality targets inNational Clean Air Programme must be given proper legal status to make air in India breathable, it added The National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) leaves out at ... Read More