Could bird flu lead to the next pandemic?

India, May 27 -- The first case of H5N1 bird flu was reported in Australia this week. Is the world prepared for what could lead to the next pandemic? bird flu H5N1 H5N1 virus bird flu h5n1 Avian infl... Read More

Markhor: The world's largest wild goat now has a day of its own

India, May 27 -- The UN declared May 24 as 'International Day of the Markhor' on May 2, citing its iconic and economic importance Published by HT Digital Content Services with permission from Down to... Read More

Over a third of Amazon rainforest is unable to recover from frequent droughts

India, May 27 -- Scientists warn these signs are an early warning indicator that these areas are approaching a threshold to a die-off event More than a third of the mature Amazon rainforest - 37 per ... Read More

Severe Cyclone Remal makes landfall along Bangladesh and West Bengal coasts

India, May 26 -- Both coasts could be innundated by storm surges a metre high in West Bengal and upto 4 metres high in Bangladesh Screengrab of Windy.com showing Cyclone Remal The landfall process o... Read More

Vessel overloaded with people capsizes near Bangladesh's Mongla, as Remal hurtles towards coast

India, May 26 -- Monsoon circulation adding to cyclone system & expanding Remal's diameter; Red alert in Kolkata Screengrab from Windy.com A vessel overloaded with people has capsized in the sea nea... Read More

Cyclone Remal to make landfall on May 26 evening, may cause floods in Northeast

India, May 25 -- Northeast India is currently reeling under dry conditions, which could flip to floods in a matter of days Cyclone Remal is likely to form on the evening of May 25, a little delayed t... Read More

Indian & Bangladeshi Sundarbans to be impacted as cyclone Remal to make likely landfall 100 km from Indian border

India, May 25 -- Cyclonic system may overlap with high tide to maximise damage if landfall happens late evening on May 26 The Sundarbans, spread over 20,000 square kilometres on either side of the In... Read More

Songs of calm fury: Kazi Nazrul Islam's words helped generations find inner strength to fight hunger, injustice

India, May 25 -- Remembering Nazrul's poems that called for revolution on his 125th birth anniversary One hundred and twenty five years ago on May 25, 2024, a 'rebel poet' was born in undivided Benga... Read More

Delhites should vote wisely; our children's health and future depend on it: Bhavreen Kandhari

India, May 25 -- Founder of Warrior Moms outlines envirfonmental issues the citizens of Delhi should keep in mind as they vote today Bhavreen Malhotra Kandhari Delhi is voting today on May 25, 2024,... Read More

Book Excerpt: India's love affair with vetiver

India, May 25 -- From 'khus' mats to 'sharbat', the humble but beloved vetiver has foundits way into the daily rhythms of life in the subcontinent for centuries Published by HT Digital Content Servic... Read More