Bacteriophages: An answer to antibiotic resistance

India, Nov. 21 -- Research on new antibiotics have hit a wall. Bacteriophages that kill disease-causing bacteria provide an alternative treatment Every two to three months, Ritam Das, Saroj Chaudhary... Read More

Ill health is pushing people to suicides, mental illness among top worries

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Diseases linked to a degraded environment continue to ravage India

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Research on fundamental cell process wins Medicine Nobel 2019

India, Oct. 7 -- William Kaelin, Peter Ratcliffe and Gregg Semenza had described how a cell senses and adapts to the level of oxygen available William Kaelin, Peter Ratcliffe and Gregg Semenza have b... Read More

'Climate change reversal unlikely; mantra is to adapt'

India, Sept. 25 -- Down To Earth speaks to Anjal Prakash, associate professor, Regional Water Studies, TERI School of Advanced Studies, on the IPCCReport's latest report on the oceans and cryosphere ... Read More