Overcoming India's clean cooking challenge

India, Dec. 26 -- The recently published 'Roadmapto Access to Clean Cooking Energy in India', which aims to provide direction to India's transition to energy-efficient cooking systems, is a commendabl... Read More

Girls less physically active than boys due to societal factors: Study

India, Dec. 26 -- The research also found that 80% of school-going adolescents do not do the recommended one hour of daily physical activity Girls do lesser physical activity than boys globally, a st... Read More

Look back at the decade: It's a tinderbox world

India, Dec. 26 -- Growth has stumped environment. The decade of 2020 is the last chance we have to walk the talk and make it right It's the end of a decade and the start of a new dawn, we hope. In th... Read More

Ten zero-waste cities: Kamikatsu, Japan's zero-waste miracle town

India, Dec. 26 -- Japan's first municipality to make a 'zero waste declaration', the Shikoku town is well on its way to becoming fully zero-waste by 2020 Kamikatsu, a small town situated approximatel... Read More

Modi flags off groundwater scheme

India, Dec. 25 -- Part of Centre's water push alongwith plan to connect householdsto pipe network Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 25, 2019 launched a scheme to conserve ground water in regio... Read More

Severe pollution caused in Meghalaya due to illegal mining, says CAG report

India, Dec. 25 -- The performance audit is a severe indictment of the state mining department's operations "There was serious air, water and environmental pollution caused by illegal, unregulated and... Read More

A year of resistance: How youth protests shaped the discussion on climate change

India, Dec. 24 -- Today's youth saw themselves on the generational front lines of climate change, so they walked out of their schools to demand transformative action Greta Thunberg made history again... Read More

More cold on the way for North India post-Christmas: IMD

India, Dec. 24 -- Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan will be affected The ongoing 'cold days' will intensify into a 'cold wave' conditions from December 25, 2019 in sever... Read More

A just transition away from coal is in the offing

India, Dec. 24 -- Staying within 1.5degC needs the transition to speed up In its special report on 1.5degC last year, the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) established that a 1.5degC-... Read More

Natural History: World's oldest forest identified from fossils

India, Dec. 24 -- Researchers classify an area in an abandoned sandstone quarry in Cairo, New York as the remains of the world's oldest forests Researchers have classified an area of land in an aband... Read More