COVID-19 seen from a leper house in Khulna

Dhaka, July 9 -- A new very strict lockdown was imposed in Bangladesh on 1 July. People cannot leave home for any reason and there are no means to move, except by rickshaws, whose prices have doubled.... Read More

'Bad Habits' Successful People Never Waste Time With

Dhaka, July 9 -- Habits aren't easy to let go of. More often than never, we tend to pick up habits that are ideal neither for us nor for our work. We might overlook the presence of harmful habits as a... Read More

Please, stop blaming rape victims

Dhaka, July 2 -- In Hasan Azizul Huq's remarkable fiction 'Sabitri Upakhyan' (the tale of Sabitri), the author painstakingly recreates the experience of a young girl who was abducted by a gang of thre... Read More

Japan's month of reckoning

Dhaka, July 2 -- Today marks the beginning of the Olympic Month in Japan. The 2020 summer Olympic Games are supposed to kick-off on July 23 with a watered-down grand opening at the newly built nationa... Read More

Arts amid pandemic: 'An effective tool to preserve history for future'

Dhaka, July 2 -- Emphasising the importance of nurturing arts and culture for crafting a better society, junior Cultural Affairs Minister KM Khalid has said both have the infinite power to travel betw... Read More

Poverty alleviation through Microcredit

Dhaka, July 2 -- Bangladesh is the birthplace of microcredit. Different countries across the globe have adopted Bangladeshi microcredit model to alleviate poverty. A good number of studies have reveal... Read More

The risks of the extreme diet

Dhaka, July 2 -- If you have decided to embark on a harsh diet to shed the flab, it's high time that you consulted a good doctor. This is because you might end up doing more harm to your body than goo... Read More

Egg Diet For Weight Loss: Does It Work?

Dhaka, July 2 -- When it comes to dieting, salads, quinoa and detox shakes come to mind as staples for weight loss. Normally, food with high fiber content and low fat are favoured as they are low on c... Read More

CONCRETE DREAMS: Envisioning a Sustainable Planet through Art and Poetry

Dhaka, July 2 -- What does poetry have to do with climate justice? How do racial injustice, gender inequality, COVID-19, and climate change intersect? How can community members use art as a catalyst f... Read More

Birdland of Joymoni: How long may it last!

Dhaka, July 2 -- A virtual tourism guide to Bangladesh labeled Joymoni as 'the last permanent settlement within the Sundarbans'; but to us it felt more like a mangrove hangout than a human habitation.... Read More