Memories of a raconteur

Dhaka, Jan. 17 -- Mir Abdur Razzaq died in London thirteen years ago at the age of eighty. Two years before he passed on, on a fairly cold October day, a good group of Bengalis resident in London, mos... Read More

Economic criminals are our new Razakars

Dhaka, Jan. 17 -- The kind of laxity and lassitude shown to economic criminals are at odds with the principles of modern state management. It's very strange to learn almost every day at the large scal... Read More

Shabdaboli participates in three Indian theatre festivals

Dhaka, Jan. 17 -- Shabdaboli Group Theatre participated in India with the play named 'Desire Under the Elms', penned by the noted American playwright Eugene O'Neill, took part in three theatre festiva... Read More

Dhaka Mountain Film Festival 2020 held in city

Dhaka, Jan. 17 -- A day-long film festival titled 'Dhaka Mountain Film Festival 2020' was held on January 10 at Ruhul Quddus Auditorium, Nilkhet, in the city. The organiser of the fest was Audree, a p... Read More

18th Dhaka International Film Festival starts in city

Dhaka, Jan. 17 -- The 18th Dhaka International Film Festival (DIFF) has started on January 11. With the slogan 'Better Film, Better Audience, Better Society', this year's festival features 220 films f... Read More

World of Solitude

Dhaka, Jan. 17 -- Mohammad Kibria, a significant name in enriching modernism in Bangladeshi Art. He is considered an iconic figure in contemporary art, as he introduced modern paintings where composit... Read More

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Dhaka, Jan. 17 -- Apple launched their Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max on September 20 in 2019. Arriving with the title 'Pro' this smartphone offers a great combination of triple-camera system, unparalleled b... Read More

BYLC honoured winners of Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge

Dhaka, Jan. 17 -- The winners of the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (YEC), a social initiative by Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC) to encourage and promote the promising entrepreneurs, were... Read More

'Made in Bangladesh' gaining more recognition in Japan: Ambassador Naoki

Dhaka, Jan. 17 -- Japan has been the most committed partner of Bangladesh and it is expected that this time-tested friendship will remain unhurt no matter what. In the year 2022, the two nations will ... Read More

It takes two to tango

Dhaka, Jan. 17 -- After ratcheting up to a point where rational, calm-head decisionmaking could no longer be expected to prevail in how the U.S.A and Iran engaged with each other in the Middle East, w... Read More