What Ails Afghanistan: Chaos In Kabul

Dhaka, April 3 -- The 29th of February should be a red- letter day for Afghanistan. The long-awaited deal between the United states and Kabul was signed in Doha, Qatar, on that day. Due to it being on... Read More

Governance crisis in the age of corona

Dhaka, April 3 -- Every institution is facing a test of usefulness and relevance as the corona virus inches towards a feared deluge within, possibly, weeks. Everyone is hoping that some miracle will s... Read More

Kuddus Boyati releases a song about coronavirus

Dhaka, April 3 -- Noted folk singer Abdul Kuddus Boyati has released a song aiming to make the masses aware about the coronavirus and how it spreads. The song, titled 'Jaina Cholen, Maina Cholen', ha... Read More

Film artistes stand by masses

Dhaka, April 3 -- Film artistes and associations have come to the aid of the destitute artistes and low income people amid the coronavirus outbreak. Bangladesh Film Artistes' Association, Young Star ... Read More

Kamal's world of aquatic life: Duet art show at Gallery Chitrak

Dhaka, April 3 -- Kamal Kabir completed his BFA from Bangladesh Government College of Arts and Crafts (now the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka) in 1974. Few months earlier in the same year, ... Read More

Indian Delicacies at Kurry Accent

Dhaka, April 3 -- I recently came back from a trip to India. After all the delicious meals I have had there, I couldn't handle the craving for Indian ever since my return. Thus, my tour group and I de... Read More

Climate change: A major global threat

Dhaka, April 3 -- The climate change, that is, the change of the global climate and in particular the changes in meteorological conditions that extend on a large time scale, is a major global existent... Read More

Is there a COVID-19 timebomb in Bangladesh?

Dhaka, April 3 -- Bangladesh has a health crisis in the making. The lack of preparation in the United States and Europe that has spawned the ongoing crisis there still exceeds the preparedness of deve... Read More

Coronavirus: Risks that should be counted in Bangladesh Economy

Dhaka, April 3 -- Let's start with a question. Is there a single continent (except for Antarctica) in this world at this moment, which is not under the risk of COVID-19 pandemic? One could spend days,... Read More

The plague of coronavirus disease

Dhaka, April 3 -- While I was writing this piece, Queen Elizabeth II, her son and the heir to the throne, Prince Charles and the Prime Minister Boris Johnson hit the headlines by contracting COVID-19;... Read More