Too cool for school

Dhaka, Feb. 26 -- While the far-reaching impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are affecting almost every aspect of life, one area hit particularly hard across almost every jurisdiction that has experience... Read More

Curtain rises on month-long virtual exhibition 'The Black Story' by Gallery Cosmos

Dhaka, Feb. 26 -- Echoing the solidarity on the global Black Lives Matter movement against racial injustices, the much anticipated month-long virtual interactive exhibition "The Black Story" by Galler... Read More

'The Black Story' exhibition by Gallery Cosmos launched virtually

Dhaka, Feb. 26 -- Echoing solidarity with the global Black Lives Matter movement against racial injustices, much-anticipated art exhibition "The Black Story," was launched virtually by Gallery Cosmos ... Read More

Farewell to my teachers

Dhaka, Feb. 26 -- Last week has been suddenly, and unexpectedly hard for us students of the Dhaka University History department, as two of our beloved teachers - Dr. K.M. Mohsin and Dr. A.B. Mahmood -... Read More

Multiculturalism: The ultimate goal

Dhaka, Feb. 26 -- The history of human language is the history of rise and fall. In around 8000 BC, 20,000 languages were in existence on this planet. But currently the number has been reduced to one ... Read More

Down by the River: 'Maa-Maati-Manush-Swadesh-Bhasha-Prokkriti'

Dhaka, Feb. 26 -- People bloom amidst the natural landscape of their homeland, imbuing their lives with its various hues and shades. The culture and language of the land form their very identities. Th... Read More

Chobi Mela Shunno goes virtual for the next six months with ARTcon

Dhaka, Feb. 26 -- The 11th edition of the international photography exhibition Chobi Mela Shunno concluded in the capital on February 21, and now the festival is being showcased in virtual reality for... Read More

'Operation Sundarban' to liven up Eid-ul-Adha showcasing untold glory

Dhaka, Feb. 26 -- Narrating the thrilling and triumphant story of the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)'s breathtaking operations to defeat the pirates of the Sundarban, acclaimed action director Dipankar ... Read More

Grammy-winning duo Daft Punk break up after 28 years

Dhaka, Feb. 26 -- Grammy-winning electronic music pioneers Daft Punk have announced that they are breaking up after 28 years. The helmet-wearing French duo shared the news Monday in an 8-minute video... Read More

Prominent actor ATM Shamsuzzaman laid to rest

Dhaka, Feb. 26 -- Eminent silver screen actor ATM Shamsuzzaman was laid to rest at Jurain graveyard in Dhaka on Saturday afternoon. He was buried at 5:40 pm beside his son's grave after his second na... Read More