We are no De Gaulle, but . . .

Dhaka, March 15 -- The best part of writing about politics and history is the degree of reactions and responses you get as feedback. There are many people who agree with you and some who don't, which ... Read More

1971: Why saying 'sorry' is not enough

Dhaka, March 15 -- There are enough people in Pakistan who continue to deny the Bangladesh genocide. It is an inconvenient truth for many, who would rather have the whole thing forgotten, or just kick... Read More

AL can ignore media criticism at all levels

Dhaka, March 15 -- The public media mauling by Al-Jazeera of PM's adviser Gowher Rizvi and the Bangladesh envoy to the United Kingdom shows the weakness of many positions of the Government. Some of th... Read More

International Women's Day

Dhaka, March 15 -- Every public document and those of UN agencies proclaim loudly that there would not be any discrimination between but men and women but in the in real world the discrimination conti... Read More

Artistic Camaraderie: Group show at International Club

Dhaka, March 15 -- Under the curatorship of Priti Ali artists like Mustafa Monwar, Jamal Ahmed, Najma Akhter, Mini Karim, Afrozaa Jamil Konka, Jahangir Hossain, Proshanta Karmakar, Anisuzzaman, Ronni ... Read More

First 3D film of the country on 1971

Dhaka, March 15 -- The first 3D film of the country is under production. Named 'Alatchakra' the film is being directed by Habibur Rahman with grants from the government. Based on the Liberation War of... Read More

First song on Rock Guru Azam Khan

Dhaka, March 15 -- Journalist Souro has voiced a tributary song in memory of Rock Pioneer of the country Azam Khan. The song the first one on Azam Khan was released on the occasion of the 69th birth a... Read More

Ogo Tumi Je Amar rearranged in memory of Salma Sultana

Dhaka, March 15 -- The iconic romantic song of the 70s 'Ogo Tumi Je Amar' has been recomposed. After forty-four years Alif Alauddin, the daughter of the original song Salma Sultana has voiced the new ... Read More

Advancing the Diversity of Cultural Expressions

Dhaka, March 15 -- Reshaping Cultural Policies: Advancing creativity for development 2018, Published by UNESCO, Pages: 252, ISBN: 978-92-3-100256-4 Each and every day, millions of people are moving f... Read More

Meet the journalist documenting India's unreported rape cases

Dhaka, March 15 -- Priyanka Dubey, an award-winning journalist, spent six years researching and documenting India's unreported rape cases for her new book, "No Nation For Women - Reporting On Rape Fro... Read More