Tracing the geography of a war

Dhaka, Aug. 23 -- Farooq Bajwa puts it all in perspective. The story of the 1965 India-Pakistan wars, in May and September, today appears to be an almost forgotten episode in the history of the subco... Read More

Kashmir: Elite conflict in a majoritarian state

Dhaka, Aug. 23 -- The Kashmir takeover/ status quo cancellation/ending terrorist attacks move etc. was largely inevitable at this point of time as two Indian elite class battle it out within. One is t... Read More

Saitama to launch Host Family Program for Tokyo 2020

Dhaka, Aug. 23 -- Less than a year remains before the start of 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, which is coming to the Japanese capital for the second time in little over half a century. The s... Read More

Secular India or 'Hindu Pakistan'!

Dhaka, Aug. 23 -- Shashi Tharoor, my former boss at the United Nations, is in trouble for pointing out a hard truth plain to most of the world. He had commented last year at a public meeting in Kerala... Read More

Indo-Pakistan Nuclear Deterrence: Consequences of A Breakdown

Dhaka, Aug. 23 -- 'Chest-thumping', as a mark of patriotism can leave one with a satisfying 'feel-good' experience. In recent times we have seen a lot of it on either side of the India-Pakistan border... Read More

Achieving the SDGs through youth development

Dhaka, Aug. 23 -- Over the next few years, the world will ever have the largest youth population. And these young people will be the main driving force for sustainable development of their community. ... Read More

Rohingyas discouraged to return despite Bangladesh, Myanmar's readiness

Dhaka, Aug. 23 -- More than 740,000 people fled their homes in Myanmar after violence that began in August, 2017. Young and old arrived hungry, exhausted and with almost nothing. Most now live in make... Read More

Some Untold Stories in a Dormitory of the Dhaka University

Dhaka, Aug. 23 -- We know student life is the most precious time of a person. One can learn many things this time for their future and these are some common notions we know. In this time one has to pr... Read More

Future of Bangladesh in safe hands

Dhaka, Aug. 23 -- A kind-hearted youth group from a village in Gazipur has nobly responded to the plaintive cries for help from flood victims in Kurigram (Char Rajibpur) proving there's hope for Bangl... Read More

The Past is Never Dead: The long shadow of the August 1975 coup

Dhaka, Aug. 23 -- History always tells the truth. The history of yesterday guides us today. Today's history guides us to consolidate our tomorrow. I have been reading, with great care the story publis... Read More