Sins and Scenes: DCC market is where the city meets

Dhaka, Sept. 17 -- There is a silent pauperization process going on amongst some but the rest seem to be doing fine. The crowd at the grounds of the DCC market at Gulshan 1 is one indicator. It's a pl... Read More

The Great Afghan Reality Show

Dhaka, Sept. 17 -- It is now exactly a month that a great spectacle of human tragedy was staged right on the runway of an international airport that had been watched live by people all over the world.... Read More

Online film screening begins at Goethe Institut on Friday

Dhaka, Sept. 17 -- An online film screening event titled 'Berlinale Spotlight World Cinema Fund' will begin at Goethe-Institut in the capital on Friday. World Cinema Fund (WCF) initiated the film scr... Read More

Three Bangladeshi films selected for Busan International Film Festival

Dhaka, Sept. 17 -- For the first time ever, three Bangladeshi films - Abdullah Mohammad Saad's "Rehana Maryam Noor". Mostofa Sarwar Farooki's "No Land's Man", and Mohammad Rabby Mridha's "Paayer Tolay... Read More

Resonant soul of human organization - tonic human relations

Dhaka, Sept. 17 -- Human organization-be it political, social, cultural, economic or any other kind-is essentially "a pattern of relationships between and among individuals and groups". The relations ... Read More

Ozone layer - keeping us, our food and vaccines cool: Celebrating Ozone layer day

Dhaka, Sept. 17 -- In 1994, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 16 September the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, commemorating the date of the signing, in 1987, of the Montre... Read More

Much-loved train journeys to Cox's Bazar likely in 2 years

Dhaka, Sept. 17 -- The government wants to connect Chattogram and Cox's Bazar through a railway network to facilitate the movement of tourists but the crucial project taken in this regard has got stuc... Read More

Electricity for all: Hasina inaugurates five power plants

Dhaka, Sept. 17 -- Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has inaugurated five power plants as the government planned to bring the country's 100 percent population under electricity coverage. Sheikh Hasina ina... Read More

Monsoon colours of Shyampur: When Yellow Bittern turns orange!

Dhaka, Sept. 17 -- It was very pleasing to see two Yellow Bitterns fly back and forth at Shyampur, a few kilometres from the crowded Hemayetpur junction at Savar. Yellow Bitterns are very stealthy bir... Read More

Shah Abdul Karim: the 'Baul Emperor' Bard of Bengal

Dhaka, Sept. 17 -- "In the spring breeze, my friend, in spring's intoxicating breeze Scents from my dearest's garden keep drifting towards my house. My dearest's house's garden, lights up with color... Read More