More than an epidemic

Dhaka, Oct. 9 -- As protests rage across the country against sexual violence in general and rape in particular, it still remains too early to say whether the outpouring of public anger constitutes a m... Read More

Migration to KSA: Uncertain Futures

Dhaka, Oct. 2 -- In 2019, Bangladesh sent over 700,000 workers abroad under government-to-government and private sector schemes, according to the data from the state-run Bureau of Manpower Employment ... Read More

Turning the corner

Dhaka, Sept. 11 -- The bullishness of the Bangladesh economy as it looks to emerge out of the hit from the Coronavirus pandemic, and the measures implemented to tackle the public health crisis, contin... Read More

A 'gunfight' too far

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- The circumstances surrounding the killing of a retired army major on July 31, the eve of Eid ul Azha in the country, are by now well-known, although there is no official version of ev... Read More

Remittances: Sticky upwards?

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