Ekushe and the middle class political imagination

Dhaka, Feb. 21 -- The events and trends that is considered to have emerged out of Ekushe February constitute the mainstream of the Bangladeshi middle class political imagination. While the extremists ... Read More

Can BNP force Khaleda Zia's release?

Dhaka, Feb. 14 -- BNP has said that the Government will be forced to release Begum Zia. Many BNP supporters also believe this. However, why that will be so is not clear as the AL government shows no s... Read More

Do we want or need representative democracy?

Dhaka, Feb. 7 -- The topic is the holiest of all cows in a Bangladeshis mind but history has little to offer as evidence that "democracy" has made any difference in the life of Bangladesh. The country... Read More

National cricket team and Bangladesh Bank: Similarities?

Dhaka, Jan. 31 -- The responsibility of keeping the national economy safe is with the Bangladesh Bank. That of flying the national flag of hope and aspiration reflected in sports lies with the cricket... Read More

The lessons learnt from the EC puja mess

Dhaka, Jan. 24 -- The silly, avoidable and embarrassing situation created by the EC announcing city corporation election dates on the Saroswati puja day tells that the the functioning mechanism of the... Read More

The EC can be trusted to blunder

Dhaka, Jan. 24 -- The silly, avoidable and embarrassing situation created by the Election Commission setting city corporation election dates on the same day as Saraswati Puja tells you that the functi... Read More

Economic criminals are our new Razakars

Dhaka, Jan. 17 -- The kind of laxity and lassitude shown to economic criminals are at odds with the principles of modern state management. It's very strange to learn almost every day at the large scal... Read More

Elections in times of inefficiency

Dhaka, Jan. 10 -- Public interest in the corporation election is very limited as everyone thinks AL will win the election for certain. In fact public interest in elections of any kind is very limited.... Read More

Dear Abed bhai,

Dhaka, Dec. 27 -- Now that you are gone I can safely say publicly that I respected you as an achiever more than all others. I said that to you in private over a decade back and you didn't bat an eyeli... Read More

CAB: Did Modi need this?

Dhaka, Dec. 20 -- It's not a Hindu-Muslim issue in India but one of denying diversity and the cost of the same. The CAB and National Citizenship Register have done what many have suspected for long ab... Read More