Bye Simon, time for a spell of rest

Dhaka, July 23 -- So there, at 77 years, the man who could never find a home to live in for long finally has found some rest in the earth and dust. A man who ran away 17 just to be on the road as his... Read More

Bangladesh: Media's media crisis

Dhaka, July 16 -- Bangladesh media, or what is termed as "mainstream media," "professional media" and so on is in an identity crisis. Though it calls itself by positive and affirmative branding names,... Read More

Will a Taliban-led Islamist alliance take on China?

Dhaka, July 9 -- There is speculation in regional media that one reason why the US chose rapid withdrawal from Afghanistan is the hope that it will cause problems for China. There is expectation that ... Read More

The sadness of being Tofael Ahmed

Dhaka, July 2 -- Tofael Ahmed is sad that amlas have so much power while politicians have less. It's sad that it took him so long to notice this. They have been losing their power for a long time. The... Read More

The UN vote on Myanmar hardly matters

Dhaka, June 25 -- The resolution taken by the UN General Assembly on the 18th of June on "arms flow to Myanmar" and the voting pattern of the members show why the UN is losing relevance in a bipolar w... Read More

Dear Bangladesh, you have never been clean

Dhaka, June 18 -- The Porimoni affair has shown how money, sex, clubbing and power all combine to produce the current Bangladesh sleaze. Many seem shocked but most are not. They are doing the proverbi... Read More

Why just black money, why not "black crime"?

Dhaka, June 11 -- The system of making black money white has become a bit of a debate in this very drab season in Bangladesh. Not only is the Covid and lockdown on but the heat is almost unbearable an... Read More

Stop goofing on China and vaccines please

Dhaka, June 11 -- Bangladesh is in a spot of bother with the only country that matters to it as far as keeping itself going with some degree of leg space in the region. It's not that China is our undi... Read More

Choose your poison, and your sin

Dhaka, June 4 -- A boy back from his rural home soon after Eid, hacks himself to death with a coconut-seller's cleaver, while screaming to be forgiven for some unknown sins. It's so absurd and surreal... Read More

New realities around Israel

Dhaka, May 28 -- Let's face the fact. Israel is here to stay. Protest meetings at Baitul Muqarram and angry FB posts won't make it disappear. It's stronger than all its Arab neighbours and has the str... Read More