Ready Or Not, here she comes: Horror heroines go from props to protagonists

India, Sept. 21 -- Scream queens have existed since before the term was coined. Samara Weaving is the latest in strange and seductive bloodline of horror heroines who've been bestowed with this tiara ... Read More

Enquiry ordered into video of SP assaulting an executive magistrate in Assam

India, Sept. 21 -- A day after a video of the alleged assault on an Assam Civil Service officer by the Kokrajhar Superintendent of Police made its way to several local publications, the Assam Chief Mi... Read More

What can stars do, beyond shine? Actually, quite a lot, says Anupama Chopra

India, Sept. 21 -- Fame is a curious thing. In the social media age, we are all trying, in ways big and small, to be famous. Yet, those who are famous will tell you that it's more brutal and brittle t... Read More

iOS 13 update comes with game-breaking bugs on Fortnite, PUBG Mobile

India, Sept. 21 -- If you own an Apple device and have just upgraded to iOS 13, then we've got some bad news for you. First reported by 9to5Mac, users were warned not to upgrade to iOS 13 as there was... Read More

Surprise travel: Sign up, turn up, hit the road

India, Sept. 21 -- Would you pack your bags with no idea of where you were going? The surprise industry is betting big on the small number of people that would. Start-ups such as Mumbai-based Unpland... Read More

Glitch busters: Indians are acing it as bug bounty hunters

India, Sept. 21 -- It felt like winning the lottery, says web developer and ethical hacker Sameer Rao, of the first bug bounty he ever collected. Internet bug bounty hunters scan through a website or ... Read More

Corporate tax cut gives PM Modi perfect pitch to win American investments

India, Sept. 21 -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in the US a day after delivering a $20 billion tax-cut stimulus for companies, which strengthens his pitch to American chief executives about th... Read More

Apple production soars due to high-density plants in Kashmir

Srinagar, Sept. 21 -- Early Times Report The production of apples is in full swing in Kashmir valley with the help of High-Density Plants (HDP). These plants, which are used at a larger scale, not on... Read More

Shashi Tharoor's word of the week: Luddite

India, Sept. 21 -- Luddite (noun): One who strongly opposes (or at least avoids) the use of new technology. Usage: My aunt is a Luddite; she still refuses to have a mobile phone and insists on retain... Read More

Rewind Photos 2001: CIA photos show initial days of Afghanistan operations after 9/11

Afghanistan, Sept. 21 -- The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the civilian foreign intelligence service of the United States has been publishing photos which purportedly show the beginning of CIA op... Read More