Plug in to these smart devices

New Delhi, Sept. 8 -- SECURITY CAMERA/BABY MONITOR While baby monitors haven't yet taken off in India, this home-security camera can be used as a baby monitor too-even in low light conditions. Its AI... Read More

Who says boys don't twirl?

New Delhi, Aug. 31 -- Iremember twirling.. The year was 1991. I was all of eight years old and didn't know any better. Or did I? Had I by then named the attraction I felt towards boys? Was I aware of ... Read More

Talking queer with kids

New Delhi, Aug. 31 -- In a heteronormative, gender-role-obsessed society, it can be tough to talk to children about queer lifestyles and the freedom to choose one's gender and sexual identity. There a... Read More

One smart ring to bind them all

New Delhi, Aug. 25 -- Bengaluru- and US-based product startup Lazy Co. wants you to wear the One Ring, which will perform practically every digital task in your life though it may fall short of making... Read More

The truth about friends from college

New Delhi, Aug. 2 -- Published originally in serial form as "The Romantics Of College Street" in The Telegraph over a few months in 2018, Devapriya Roy's Friends From College is a delightful novel of ... Read More

Once consumers have driven electric, they'll never go back: Chetan Maini

New Delhi, July 12 -- Chetan Maini, co-founder and vice-chairman of SUN Mobility, an electric mobility solutions firm, is a pioneer of the electric vehicle (EV) industry in India. Maini's Reva was the... Read More

The young hijabi in fiction

New Delhi, June 23 -- Last year, at a beach in southern India, two little girls of around the same age-11 or 12-were playing in the sand. One, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, coaxed her father to tak... Read More

Technology will enable a direct democracy model: Atul Jalan

New Delhi, June 23 -- Atul Jalan thinks of himself as a futurist. The founder and CEO of Manthan Systems, a business intelligence and analytics company based in Bengaluru, believes that the first pers... Read More

Bengaluru to get Asia's largest liquor boutique

New Delhi, June 23 -- The Bengaluru store will have a floor dedicated to wines, supplemented by a cheese counter and bakery.The imposing, ornate building once used to house a jewellery store called Je... Read More