Bob's Banter by Robert Clements Adulation, Checks, and Balances..! No man is a god!

NEW DELHI, Jan. 30 -- When man comes to power, he comes with a suitcase full of weaknesses, and one of them is adulation! Which man doesn't love to hear the roar of a crowd as he walks on stage? Which... Read More

Experiencing 'Flow'

NEW DELHI, Jan. 30 -- I was reading the lovely book of Rabindranath Tagore's Gitanjali when a friend came in with a movie about Man's Flight in the Sky. He began playing it and expected me to join him... Read More

A Living Epitome of Gospel

NEW DELHI, Jan. 30 -- Swamy Dayanand was a bare-footed friar minor. He was clad in saffron robe. He lived on the food people gave him as a pilgrim. He slept on the steps of a shop, verandas of the hou... Read More

Juvenile Crimes: Deeper Social Causes

NEW DELHI, Jan. 30 -- Remember the father-son duo (Jayaraj and Bennix) whose death in police custody three years ago at Sathakulam in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu caught public attention? Yes, they were p... Read More

Governor's Misadventure

NEW DELHI, Jan. 30 -- Law often faces its death knell at the altar of interpretation. These days, everyone who can read, write and hear deliver ex-tempore judgment often riddled with bias and prejudic... Read More

Reasserting Inclusive Vision

NEW DELHI, Jan. 30 -- Republic Day celebration in India has become an exhibition of India's military might with the display of the latest arms, weapons, tanks, warplanes, etc. The content of the speec... Read More

Truth vs Falsehood: Who is Afraid of BBC?

NEW DELHI, Jan. 30 -- Rajiv Gandhi was somewhere in West Bengal when the Intelligence Bureau alerted him about the assassination of his mother and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. His first impulse was t... Read More

Raging Controversy

NEW DELHI, Jan. 30 -- It is a controversy, like none other before. It has shaken the Government, the political party at the helm, their cronies and other ilk, at the very foundations. It is a controve... Read More

Stinging Questions

NEW DELHI, Jan. 30 -- The two-part BBC documentary India: The Modi Question has shaken the country to the extent that it has been made unavailable in India. The Central Government's move to block news... Read More

Teachers protest against transfers, and promotions through Secretariat

Hyderabad, Jan. 27 -- The teachers organized a protest to stop the transfers and promotions of teachers in the state and alleged that those were being done through the Secretariat officials. Teachers... Read More