NEW DELHI, Sept. 21 -- In January 2020, a Bengaluru based NGO conducted a baseline survey among the migrant workers who were mainly from Bihar, UP and Odisha. Out of the 100 men interviewed, 20 men di... Read More

Guardians Of Civil Liberty

NEW DELHI, Sept. 21 -- At a time when protection of civil liberties in different parts of the country has become a grave concern because of the high-handed behaviour of the police and other law-enforc... Read More

Certainty Of Punishment

NEW DELHI, Sept. 21 -- Two instances of COVID-19 related rape in Kerala last week has triggered public angst. On the night of September 5, a 19 year old Covid-19 patient was reportedly raped by an amb... Read More

Peace Alone Will Ensure A Future

NEW DELHI, Sept. 21 -- Wars Have Unintended Consequences Histories are usually written by winners who describe the performance of their heroes in glorious terms. Their society immortalizes the epic t... Read More

Swami Agnivesh

NEW DELHI, Sept. 21 -- Swami Agnivesh, who was hospitalized due to liver cirrhosis at the Institute of Liver and Billary Sciences (ILBS) in Delhi and suffered multiple organ failure, passed away on Fr... Read More

Tribute To An Endless Legend

NEW DELHI, Sept. 21 -- Fr. Gaston Roberge, a French - Canadian Jesuit priest, had been asking himself since the 1980s why India did not have a new theory of popular films. It was only in 2010 he got a... Read More

Called To Care

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Prophets In Modi Era

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"We Must Arise!"

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Letter To Justice Mishra

NEW DELHI, Sept. 21 -- Dear Mr Justice Arun Mishra, It is your parting comment that you wrote your judgements on the basis of the dictates of your conscience that prompts me to write this letter. I t... Read More