Sutlej reduced to a rivulet due to constructions: Supreme Court Judge raises concerns

New Delhi, July 16 -- Justice Sanjay Karol of the Supreme Court of India has expressed deep concern about the deteriorating condition of the Sutlej river, a historically perennial river in North India... Read More

UNEP Foresight Report: Private micro-environmentalism may worsen socio-economic inequalities, burden resources

New Delhi, July 16 -- Privatised micro-environmentalism may exacerbate social and economic inequalities and deepen polarisation, the United Nations has stated in a new report. Navigating New Horizon... Read More

UNEP Foresight Report: AI-based weapons already in use could cause major disruptions in 4-6 years

New Delhi, July 16 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) has already made its presence felt in the battlefields, with its use during the Ukraine and West Asia conflicts. This dangerous global shift towards ... Read More

UNEP Foresight Report: Large-scale displacement of entire communities now the norm

New Delhi, July 16 -- One in every 69 people, or 1.5 per cent of the world's population, is now forcibly displaced - nearly double the number of people displaced a decade ago, a new report by the Unit... Read More

UNEP Foresight Report: New emerging zoonotic diseases may trigger another pandemic in 5-6 years

New Delhi, July 16 -- New emerging zoonotic diseases could trigger another pandemic by 2030, the United Nations has warned in a new report. Unabated climate and environmental change have moved specie... Read More

UNEP Foresight Report: Eco-anxiety 'emergency crisis in plain sight', especially among children and young people

New Delhi, July 16 -- 'Eco-anxiety' is an 'emergency crisis hidden in plain sight' and is likely to create a massive impact among the world's children and youth, the United Nations has said. Eco-anxi... Read More

UNEP Foresight Report: Major disruptions from spatial activity acceleration; ozone depletion flagged as primary concern

New Delhi, July 16 -- The rapid expansion of anthropogenic activity in outer space is already showing signs that it could cause disruptions to the global environment, with experts expecting them to oc... Read More

UNEP Foresight Report: Disruptions from deploying speculative technologies to cool planet could occur in 7 years

New Delhi, July 16 -- The European Union, the United States and China are currently funding research to better understand controversial and speculative technologies called Solar Radiation Management (... Read More

Karnataka to harness solar energy from 40 lakes with floating panels

New Delhi, July 15 -- In a promising convergence of science, environment and water resource management, Karnataka government is making strides towards generating solar energy from its waterbodies. Thr... Read More

Plastic recycling: A deceptive solution to an escalating crisis

New Delhi, July 15 -- To date, over 10 billion metric tonnes of plastic have been produced worldwide, with plastic production skyrocketing by more than 18,300 per cent over the past 65 years. Currentl... Read More