A 'gunfight' too far

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- The circumstances surrounding the killing of a retired army major on July 31, the eve of Eid ul Azha in the country, are by now well-known, although there is no official version of ev... Read More

Sheikh Kamal: The tale of a tragic hero

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- If Sheikh Kamal had lived until now he would have been in his seventies, an age which was quite desirable as per the LEB (Life expectancy at birth) in Bangladesh. But that did not hap... Read More

US-IRAN-CHINA: Travails of a trilateral triangle, and the emergence of an eastern front

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- President Jimmy Carter of the United States had once paid Iran glowing tributes, which was received quite normally in American policy circles and raised no eyebrows: He had said: "(Ir... Read More

TikTok culture and a discredited establishment

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- The arrest of Opu, a TikTok star and influencer by the police on charges of beating up a car driver is very OK. Although many get beaten up, not all are arrested unless they are seen ... Read More

Remembering Sunil Gangopadhyay, a literary virtuosity

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- It was at a dinner at the Dhaka Club in 2007 that I met Sunil Gangopadhyay. Kobita Sankranti, a cultural organisation, was the host of the dinner. The organisation accorded him a rece... Read More

Toni Morrison, a Nobel Laureate

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- Toni Morrison, a novelist, short-story writer and also the award-winning author of 11 novels whose writing expressed the life of African American women, died August 5, 2019, at the ag... Read More

Shahid Kabir: A Stranger from Spain

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- I recently found and acquired a set of eight exquisitely embossed aquatint etchings by artist Shahid Kabir made in Spain in the mid 1980's, which intrigued me to research them further... Read More

Development partners and CSOS after covid-19: strength or stigma?

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- Darwin noted, the most adaptive species are the fittest. Despite of having existing hoax, COVID- 19 has already created a deeper socio-economic disruption in our country. Pandemic may... Read More

ULAB DEH Alumni Association holds virtual Eid get-together

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB)'s Department of English and Humanities (DEH) Alumni Association held a virtual reunion on Zoom on August 2 for its alumni students and fac... Read More

Qurbani: A key to build a Resilient Society

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- Eid-Al-Adha, festival of sacrifice, is not only special joyous day for Muslim Ummah but also one of the symbols and rituals of Allah, the ever knowing and wise, and a great chance to ... Read More