Biden's foreign policy team and the "Allegory of the Cave"

Dhaka, April 2 -- Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke, a nineteenth century Prussian military commander has an adage that is attributed to him: "No plan survives the first contact with the enemy". While ... Read More

Fighting Covid-19 Induced Inequality Virus

Dhaka, April 2 -- What are the inequality rising factors in Bangladesh? What are the impacts of covid-19 on Bangladesh economy? How our social structures fluctuated by covid-19? Why people cannot be e... Read More

With rapid rise in Asia's heart, Bangladesh echoing miracle on S Korea's Han River'

Dhaka, April 2 -- South Korean Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun has said Bangladesh is echoing the miracle on the Han River, a major river in South Korea, with its remarkable economic development and rap... Read More

Dhaka, Delhi to accelerate momentum; eye next 50 years of diversified ties

Dhaka, April 2 -- The recent State visit paid by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Bangladesh symbolised the partnership of half-a-century between Bangladesh and India that has strengthened, matu... Read More

TransEnd scopes jobs for 50 transgender people at Pathao as Food delivery agents

Dhaka, April 2 -- Marking the Golden Jubilee of Independence, leading food delivery company Pathao, in collaboration with Apex group, initiated a special campaign with community service group TransEnd... Read More

The Victim & Witness Protection Law in Bangladesh: A Horizontal Thought

Dhaka, April 2 -- Bangladesh is a common law practicing country and we follow the adversarial legal system. Constitutionally and conventionally the long well established rule is "everyone is presumed ... Read More

UNHRC's Sri Lanka Resolution Reflects West's Intrusive Human Rights Doctrine

Dhaka, April 2 -- "The Core Group chaired by the UK tabled a shoddy motion based on a hostile UNHRC Report riddled with factual errors and unproven allegations going back to 2009; none of which qualif... Read More

Coronavirus Covid-19 is like all other pandemics. This, too, will pass

Dhaka, April 2 -- We all know the story of the ship built by Noah, which became known as Noah's ark, to save his family and two of every species of animals from the flood. We also know that history, ... Read More

The long bamboo of English

Dhaka, April 2 -- The day which witnessed the bloodshed on the streets of Dhaka in 1952 has now become the International Mother Language Day. This honor to our language martyrs is certainly a matter o... Read More

Gathering Dark Clouds: China, US, and a rapidly dividing world

Dhaka, March 26 -- The China-US meeting in Alaska last week was an unmitigated disaster. It did not bridge any differences. On the contrary, it may have widened them. If the purpose of diplomacy is to... Read More