Black hole hunter seeks a cosmic census

Dhaka, Dec. 25 -- Standout research Tonima Tasnim Ananna is bringing the heaviest black holes out of hiding. She has drawn the most complete picture yet of black holes across the universe - where the... Read More

Best Gaming PCs in 2020

Dhaka, Dec. 25 -- Gamers probably had one of the easiest times settling into lockdown this year when the pandemic first began. With many struggling to find ways to kill time, gamers were spoilt for ch... Read More

The Year in Arts and Culture: Far from immune

Dhaka, Dec. 25 -- The year of 2020 has still a week left to get its adieus from the world, something that the world is waiting to bid like never before - thanks to the ongoing global pandemic of COVID... Read More

Losing a year

Dhaka, Dec. 25 -- You could say nowhere on the planet has been spared, and it would be accurate. At the fag end of the outgoing annum, its predominant motif extended to Antarctica, the icy, isolated c... Read More

Visit Zinda Park Eco Resort Narayanganj

Dhaka, Dec. 18 -- Following the course of development, people leave the villages for better education and employment opportunities. But still, the city dwellers miss village life from the core of thei... Read More

Neighbours seek new impetus in Summitry

Dhaka, Dec. 18 -- Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her Indian counterpart held a Summit in virtual format on December 17, setting a very positive tone on all aspects of bilateral relations, and exchan... Read More

Timeline to Bangladesh

Dhaka, Dec. 18 -- 1970 7 December: General elections in Pakistan, the first in the country's history, result in an outright victory for the Awami League. It ends up winning 167 out of 313 seats at th... Read More

People's Lives Must Matter More Than Pharma Companies' Profit

Dhaka, Dec. 18 -- History of human beings is a history of being driven basically by collective interest, not by personal interest. Economists made us believe that we are driven only by personal intere... Read More

Sympathy with Palestine

Dhaka, Dec. 18 -- A strong wave of sympathy with Palestine began to increase in the Arab popular circles, coinciding with the announcement of more governments to normalize their relations with Israel.... Read More

The Bridge on the River Padma

Dhaka, Dec. 18 -- At long last--putting an end to all nasty rumours, discouragements and despair, blithely ignoring the naysayers and defying all the odds and obstacles, the much-coveted Padma Bridge ... Read More