Dulal Gain's adoration for cave painting

Dhaka, Jan. 10 -- From the inception of his career, Dulal Chandrow Gain has been greatly influenced by Cave Painting. Cave paintings are paintings on cave walls and ceilings, and the term is used espe... Read More

Elections in times of inefficiency

Dhaka, Jan. 10 -- Public interest in the corporation election is very limited as everyone thinks AL will win the election for certain. In fact public interest in elections of any kind is very limited.... Read More

Breaking the barriers of modern art through Calligraphy

Dhaka, Jan. 10 -- Artists are globally considered as the best expressionists- because of their power of diving deep inside of all the available art forms, surpassing the barriers. Among all the availa... Read More

Danilo Turk to address Cosmos Dialogue on EU's contemporary relevance

Dhaka, Jan. 10 -- Danilo Turk is a Slovenian diplomat, professor of international law, human rights expert, and political figure who served as President of Slovenia from 2007 to 2012. Turk was the fir... Read More

Mujib Year: Global leaders to converge on Dhaka

Dhaka, Jan. 10 -- Bangladesh has received a long list of global leaders to become part of a series of programmes during the 'Mujib Year' the countdown of which begins on January 10, creating another m... Read More

WCBC: A Centre of Excellence in the Sundarbans

Dhaka, Jan. 10 -- Nine years back the journey of a dream started. WildTeam purchased a land in a village called Joymoni near the Sundarbans under Chandpai Union of Mongla Upazila, Bagerhat. Now the dr... Read More

Is Your Smartphone a Silent Killer?

Dhaka, Jan. 10 -- Did you ever thought about effects of excessive use of Smartphones? In the present world, it is hard to imagine a day without using a cellphone unless you are on vacation in the mids... Read More

A capital expects

Dhaka, Jan. 10 -- On April 28, 2015 Bangladesh held municipal elections for mayors and ward councillors in Dhaka North, Dhaka South, and Chittagong. The city corporation elections, as they are called,... Read More

The First of Friends

Dhaka, Jan. 3 -- Bangladesh has been one of the largest aid recipients from Canada for decades with over $4 billion coming since 1972. Today, Canada's international development assistance in Banglades... Read More

Between bright and blinding

Dhaka, Jan. 3 -- George Bernard Shaw, the famous Irish playwright, once memorably quipped: "If all economists were laid end to end, they would not reach a conclusion." It is very often the case that t... Read More