Dhaka & Ankara: Friends beyond Benefits

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- Turkey's strategically important location, straddling the continents of Europe and Asia, has given it major influence in the region - and control over the entrance to the Black Sea.... Read More

India has deprived thousands of Kashmiri students like me of an education

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- This week, students around the globe returned to their classrooms for the first time in months after they were closed to slow the spread of the coronavirus. But in Kashmir, a disput... Read More

Time running out to save Hatirjheel

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- Emerging like a breath of fresh air in the concrete jungle of Dhaka, Hatirjheel has been serving since its opening as a prime recreational spot for the millions who feed off the cap... Read More

Decline of US-Led Global Order, Covid-19 Threaten to Worsen Conflict in the Middle East, Africa

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- Inter- and intra-state conflicts in the Eastern Mediterranean, Mozambique and Iraq could seriously destabilize Africa, the Middle East and Europe. And the ongoing conflicts in these... Read More

Homeschooling Tricks for Parents during Coronavirus Pandemic

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- The detrimental effect of the COVID19 pandemic is yet to over. The second wave of this pandemic is about to rise around the world. In the meantime, the government has decided to kee... Read More

Japan at a crossroad after Abe

Dhaka, Sept. 11 -- The sudden resignation of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe came as a surprise to many in Japan and other countries around the world. He just touched the milestone of the longest serving pr... Read More

The Covid Crisis: China On The Road To Recovery

Dhaka, Sept. 11 -- China seems to have much to cheer about. There is every sign that this vast nation is well on the way to post-Pandemic recovery. Ever since the disease that has wreaked havoc around... Read More

Sin City Notes: Of Zoom, Goom and Hoom

Dhaka, Sept. 11 -- We have quickly adjusted to a world we barely understand, the everyday digital world. Or at least we think we have. Basically, we are reacting to an unprecedented situation and tryi... Read More

Prachyanaut's theatre fest starts in city

Dhaka, Sept. 11 -- A month-long theatre festival, titled 'Mahala Magan', organised by popular theatre troupe Prachyanaut has begun at its rehearsal room in capital's Katabon. Prachyanaut premieres th... Read More

Alamgir Huque: A modernist and experimental painter

Dhaka, Sept. 11 -- Alamgir Huque, an accomplished artist, was a familiar figure in Bangladesh art circuit of the '80s. In that period he excelled both in painting and printmaking, especially in the la... Read More