Economy is facing challenges, give us time to address them, says Finance Minister Mahmood Ali

Dhaka, Jan. 14 -- Finance Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali says many challenges are standing in the way of the development of Bangladesh and its economy and requested 'a little time' to figure out the... Read More

International organisations' calls for fresh election preposterous, unacceptable: foreign ministry

Dhaka, Jan. 14 -- The government has rejected calls by six international civil society oganisations for a fresh election in Bangladesh which the groups said was "neither genuine, nor competitive'. In... Read More

2 college students die as truck collides head-on with motorbike in Tangail

Dhaka, Jan. 14 -- Two college students have died after a truck and a motorcycle collided head-on in Tangail's Nagarpur Upazila. The accident occurred on Sheikh Hasina Bridge in Kedarpur on Sunday mor... Read More

Bangladesh lost 7,902 lives to road accidents in 2023: study

Dhaka, Jan. 14 -- A total of 7,902 people were killed and 10,372 others injured in 6,261 road accidents in Bangladesh throughout 2023. There were 6,929 road, rail, and river transport accidents throu... Read More

Secretariat abuzz as new ministers arrive for the first day of work

Dhaka, Jan. 14 -- Dense fog blanketed Dhaka on a chilly Sunday morning, but the Secretariat was abuzz as the newly appointed ministers entered their offices for the first day of their terms. Minister... Read More

DNA tests to confirm Karwan Bazar slum fire victims' identities

Dhaka, Jan. 14 -- Police have decided to conduct DNA tests to confirm the identities of the two bodies recovered after a fire at a slum in Dhaka's Karwan Bazar after a resident claimed them to be his ... Read More

No sign of the sun, forecast says it will grow even colder in Dhaka

Dhaka, Jan. 14 -- The heavy fog and cutting chill of winter is likely to persist for a few more days, according to a forecast from the Bangladesh Meteorological Department. Dhaka and most other parts... Read More

New cabinet pays its respects at Bangabandhu's mausoleum

Dhaka, Jan. 13 -- Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the members of her cabinet have paid their respects at the mausoleum of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in Gopalganj's Tun... Read More

Autonomous or subordinate? Ministry of Cultural Affairs directive stirs anger, controversy

Dhaka, Jan. 13 -- The Ministry of Cultural Affairs has issued directives to various autonomous institutions, including the Bangla Academy, instructing them to incorporate the ministry's name into thei... Read More

Voting underway at suspended Mymensingh-3 centre amid tight security

Dhaka, Jan. 13 -- Balloting is underway at the Bhalukapur High School polling centre in Mymensingh-3, where voting was suspended over irregularities during the national election, amid tight security. ... Read More