Separate fires tear through textile warehouses, factory in Gazipur

Dhaka, March 3 -- Separate fires have ravaged three waste fabric warehouses and a factory in Gazipur. However, there were no casualties reported from these incidents. The fire at the warehouses in Ga... Read More

'It'll be a historic photo - you mark my words!' Yunus says after court appearance for bail

Dhaka, March 3 -- After securing bail in a case over alleged embezzlement of Grameen Telecom employees' welfare funds, Muhammad Yunus has said a Nobel laureate facing trial on corruption charges is a ... Read More

Green Cozy Cottage was partially demolished for irregularities 5 years before deadly Bailey Road blaze

Dhaka, March 3 -- Dhaka's development authority has revealed that it took action five years ago against Green Cozy Cottage, the building which was blazed through by a massive fire on Bailey Road last ... Read More

Bangladesh hikes LPG prices by Tk 0.66 in March

Dhaka, March 3 -- Bangladesh has increased the retail prices of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for March by Tk 0.66 per kg, despite stable international market rates. The new price for LPG has been fi... Read More

Yunus secures bail in Grameen Telecom welfare fund embezzlement case

Dhaka, March 3 -- After securing a bail extension in a case of labour law violations, Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus has obtained bail in the case of embezzling money from the welfare fund of the worke... Read More

Hasina calls on administrators to crack down on hoarding

Dhaka, March 3 -- Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called on deputy commissioners or DCs to take stringent measures against hoarding as part of the efforts to keep the commodity market stabile during ... Read More

FBI offers $20,000 for info on Bangladesh origin man with ties to New York kidnapping ring

Dhaka, March 3 -- The FBI is offering a reward of up to $20,000 for information leading to the arrest of Ruhel Choudhury, a 34-year-old US citizen of Bangladeshi descent, for his alleged role in the k... Read More

Ex-land minister Saifuzzaman has 'nothing to hide' about his businesses abroad

Dhaka, March 3 -- Former land minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury has admitted to owning businesses and wealth in the UK, but said these were not built with money laundered from Bangladesh. Currently an A... Read More

Offshore Banking Bill 2024 placed in parliament

Dhaka, March 3 -- The Offshore Banking Bill 2024 has been introduced in parliament with an aim to bolster foreign exchange reserves and entice foreign investment amid a global economic crisis. Financ... Read More

Hospital visits spike as Dhaka residents seek relief from springtime cough and cold

Dhaka, March 3 -- Eight-month-old Safwan has been reeling from frequent fevers, coughs, and colds. The infant has caught fever three times over the past two months. His mother, Banasree resident Mish... Read More