One militant fled nine years ago and two in 2022. How long will it take to recapture them?

Dhaka, Jan. 29 -- Salahuddin Salehin, a top leader of the outlawed militant group Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh, was snatched by his cohorts from a prison van in Mymensingh's Trishal in 2014. As he ... Read More

Festive mood fills Rajshahi as Hasina visits after five years

Dhaka, Jan. 29 -- An air of excitement is pervading Rajshahi ahead of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's first visit to the city in five years. Chants and slogans echoed throughout the city as Awami Leag... Read More

Man dies after being thrown from motorcycle in Dhaka

Dhaka, Jan. 28 -- A man has died and another has been injured after being thrown from a motorcycle in Dhaka's Kaola area late on Friday night. The deceased was identified as 26-year-old Abul Bashar S... Read More

Bangladesh reports 10 new COVID cases, 1 death in a day

Dhaka, Jan. 28 -- Bangladesh has recorded 10 new cases of COVID-19 in a day, taking the overall tally of infections to 2,037,516. The death toll from the disease rose by one to 29,442 over the 24-hou... Read More

Bproperty, Digital Classifieds Group ink merger to expand its business in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Jan. 28 -- Real estate solutions provider Bproperty has announced that it will merge with Australia-based Digital Classifieds Group to propel the business in Bangladesh. The deal means Bproper... Read More

Tk 4.7m device stolen from highly secured, locked lab of Rampal power plant

Dhaka, Jan. 28 -- A Tk 4.7 million bomb calorimeter, used to measure the calorific value of coal, has been stolen from a highly secured lab of the Rampal power plant. The US-made device was stolen on... Read More

Two more children die after falling from building roof in Dhaka

Dhaka, Jan. 27 -- Two children have lost their lives after falling from the roof of a building in the second such incident in two days in Dhaka. The latest incident occurred when cousins Abdur Rahim,... Read More

North South University students boycott canteen over 'substandard food at high prices'

Dhaka, Jan. 27 -- Students of North South University in Dhaka have staged a boycott of its canteen run by Kasundi Restora Ltd over what they alleged was "substandard food at high prices". The student... Read More

Sustainable Apparel Coalition partners with Bangladesh body for fourth edition of forum

Dhaka, Jan. 27 -- The Sustainable Apparel Coalition, a global multi-stakeholder nonprofit alliance for the consumer goods industry, has announced its partnership with Bangladesh Apparel Exchange for i... Read More

No sign of commodity prices cooling down ahead of Ramadan

Dhaka, Jan. 27 -- The prices of groceries and other daily commodities have yet to see a slide since ticking up last year as sugar, eggs and chicken saw a leap in costs in the latest hike. Customers a... Read More