Man stabbed to death during clash at Jatrabari storehouse

Dhaka, Jan. 24 -- A man has been stabbed to death during a clash between two groups at a raw material warehouse in Dhaka's South Jatrabari. The dead man, 26-year-old Imran, worked as a 'lineman' at t... Read More

Top 20 loan defaulters named in parliament

Dhaka, Jan. 24 -- Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal has revealed the names of top 20 loan defaulters, whose dues total around Tk 165.9 billion against loans worth over Tk 192.83 billion. Citing data ... Read More

Hasina asks deputy commissioners to practise austerity

Dhaka, Jan. 24 -- Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has asked deputy commissioners of all 64 districts to take up projects that are deemed necessary after a careful review of their usefulness for people. ... Read More

Pakistanis make light of frequent power blackouts

Dhaka, Jan. 24 -- Pakistan's worst power outage in months became a source of humour for some in the country of 220 million, where an energy network desperately in need of an upgrade can lead to freque... Read More

Election Commission to announce presidential election schedule Wednesday

Dhaka, Jan. 24 -- The Election Commission will announce the schedule of the election to pick up the 22nd president of Bangladesh on Wednesday. Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Habibul Awal, who will ... Read More

HC recognises mothers as legal guardians of students too

Dhaka, Jan. 24 -- The High Court has ruled that mothers will also be recognised as legal guardians of children on official documents relating to educational institutions, expanding options for guardia... Read More

Bangladesh reports 13 new COVID cases, no deaths in a day

Dhaka, Jan. 24 -- Bangladesh has recorded 13 new cases of COVID-19 in a day, taking the overall tally of infections to 2,037,469. The death toll from the disease stayed unchanged at 29,441 over the 2... Read More

Blanketed in dust, Dhaka people don't see enough preventive measures

Dhaka, Jan. 24 -- Nasiruddin Molla, a ride-hailing motorcyclist in Dhaka, took off his sunglasses and showed his eyes as he shared his everyday plight while waiting for passengers at Agargaon. "Just ... Read More

Fair Technology cuts Hyundai Creta SUV prices by 20% to Tk 3.45 million

Dhaka, Jan. 24 -- Fair Technology Ltd has put the price of the sports utility vehicle 'Hyundai Creta', produced by South Korean automobile giant Hyundai Motors, at Tk 3.45 million after adding the lat... Read More

Sudden halt on production at Jamuna fertiliser factory after 'explosion'

Dhaka, Jan. 24 -- Urea and ammonia production has stopped at the Jamuna fertiliser factory in Jamalpur's Tarakandi following a loud noise described by the authorities as an explosion. The incident at... Read More