Osho and the human consciousness

India, Jan. 27 -- On January 19, 1990, Osho left his body at his Pune ashram and a rushed cremation was carried out after the public announcement of his death. His body was brought out for ten minutes... Read More

Indian economy in times of reservations

India, Jan. 27 -- Would things have been better from the start to go in for economic weakness as the only basis for reservation without reference to caste or creed? We have had it in schools and housi... Read More

Lok Sabha battle a war of perception

India, Jan. 27 -- In May 2004, the ragtag band of coalition led by the Congress pipped the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government to the post as the latter failed to weave a dominant narrative of India Shini... Read More

Palamu Forts: A fading heritage

India, Jan. 27 -- In a nutshell, the story of the twin forts of Palamu is the story of a tribal kingdom that was once powerful enough to have the Mughal empire and the East India Company threatened by... Read More

India's Design Revolution

India, Jan. 27 -- AnantU - as we fondly call it - is India's first design university in the making located on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. The campus, these days, is a mega construction site, save a sp... Read More

Centurion: A story of sheer survival and vengeance

Sri Lanka, Jan. 27 -- The Roman Empire's over ambitious expansion was what sealed its eventual fall. In the course of their brutal empire building enterprise they expounded their belief that it was th... Read More

Rummage around the attic!

Sri Lanka, Jan. 27 -- The attic is a place or room just below the roof of a house, often used for dumping unwanted household items. In modern houses you hardly find an attic, but there is always a bac... Read More

Each victim's family to get Tk 1 lakh

Dhaka, Jan. 27 -- The government will provide Tk one lakh to each of the families of the brick kiln workers killed by a coal-laden truck in Chouddagram upazila of Cumilla district. Besides, the relat... Read More

Keep the roads and highways safe

Dhaka, Jan. 27 -- IN the latest incident, at least 13 workers were killed and two others received severe injuries when a coal-laden truck flipped over on a makeshift shed at a brick kiln in Cumilla on... Read More

Expansion of science based edn stressed

Dhaka, Jan. 27 -- Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni called for expansion of science based education to create skilled workforce for building an economically prosperous Bangladesh. "We are taking steps ... Read More