Govt lets regional heads consider large-scale social restrictions

Jakarta, April 8 -- The Indonesian Government will allow regional administrations to apply large-scale social restrictions to stem the spread of the new coronavirus disease as physical distancing has ... Read More

70 COVID-19 patients recoverat RSPI as of Wednesday

Jakarta, April 8 -- The Sulianti Saroso Infectious Disease Hospital (RSPI) in Jakarta has recorded around 70 COVID-19 recoveries so far, with three more patients discharged from the hospital as of Wed... Read More

COVID-19: Indonesian in Malaysia donating food to workers everyday

Kuala Lumpur, April 8 -- An Indonesian housewife residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has been distributing 25 lunch boxes to Indonesian migrant workers affected by the coronavirus pandemic in the city... Read More

Marsudi highlights international cooperation in medical supplies

Jakarta, April 8 -- Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi drew attention to the significance of international cooperation in meeting medical supplies during the COVID-19 International Coor... Read More

Indonesia obtains 300 disinfectant sprayers from South Korea

Jakarta, April 8 -- Indonesia received 300 disinfectant sprayers from South Korea to help stem the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the country South Korean Ambassador to Indonesi... Read More

Car sales fall as coronavirus outbreak cuts demand

Jakarta, April 8 -- The automotive sector has been among the worst affected by the coronavirus outbreak in Indonesia, with demand for motor vehicles declining 3.1 percent to 79,500 units in February, ... Read More

Government to distribute COVID-19 testing PCR machines to 11 provinces

Jakarta, April 8 -- The Indonesian government has imported 20 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) laboratory test machines from Roche, Switzerland, to be then distributed to 11 provinces to expedite respo... Read More

Greater Jakarta's middle-, lower-class segments to receive food aid

Jakarta, April 8 -- The Finance Ministry confirmed that the middle and lower classes in Greater Jakarta or Jabodetabek will receive central government's food assistance during the application of Large... Read More

Indonesia tests 14,354 samples for COVID-19 infection

Jakarta, April 7 -- The Indonesian Government has claimed it has tested 14,354 samples for COVID-19 using the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) method as on Tuesday. "We have received specimens from mo... Read More

Indonesia's regional head elections postponed over COVID-19 pandemic

Jakarta, April 7 -- The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought several countries to a near standstill, as activities involving the congregation of public, including music concerts, sports g... Read More