Leo Daily Horoscope Today, April 16, 2024 predicts growth and prosperity

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Taurus Daily Horoscope Today, April 16, 2024 predicts past feelings will reignite

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Deflationary policies for debt repayment

Sri Lanka, April 16 -- The World Bank and the IMF Spring meetings begin this week in Washington. And with the worst sovereign debt crisis in decades, the pronouncements at these meetings will be monit... Read More

Hayleys Fabric celebrates triple triumph at ISPO Textrends

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Aries Daily Horoscope Today, April 16, 2024 predicts happiness in a relationship

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Musk taps Tata Electronics to manufacture critical electronics parts for India-made Teslas

New Delhi, April 15 -- Tata Electronics Pvt. Ltd has signed an agreement with Tesla to manufacture critical parts for the Elon Musk-led electric vehicle maker, a deal that bolsters the Tata group's as... Read More

Tata Electronics to manufacture electronics parts for India-made Teslas

New Delhi, April 15 -- Tata Electronics Pvt. Ltd will manufacture electronics parts for Teslas assembled in India from a new facility that it will establish for the project, said two people with direc... Read More

Motorola-Arya Omnitalk partner for professional and commercial radios

India, April 15 -- Pune-headquartered Arya Omnitalk, a joint venture between Arvind Ltd. and JM Baxi Group, has secured an exclusive partnership with Motorola Solutions to distribute professional and ... Read More

"To appease vote bank," says PM Modi on Congress refusing Pran Pratishtha invite

New Delhi, April 15 -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi questioned the Congress for its refusal of the invitation to attend the Pran Pratishtha ceremony of the Ram Janambhoomi Mandir. Speaking in an inte... Read More

Want to climb up the career ladder? Learn the 5 reasons how upskilling can help engineers stand out and be successful

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