Digital revolution's silent majority

Nepal, April 22 -- The "left-behinds" across the world's advanced economies are now taking their revenge by bringing anti-trade, populist parties and politicians to power MILAN - Statistics can hold ... Read More

A salute to Udham Singh

Sir, April 22 -- History of freedom movement in India tells that most Indians were sly, sycophants' (to quote mahatma' Gandhi). Yet, a few lodestones like Udham Singh illuminate tomes of freedom movem... Read More

Problems in schools

Sir, April 22 -- We find very less schools in our village Buleda. Most of schools are have lagging basic facilities. Drinking water and sanitation are the biggest problems in the schools of Buleda. M... Read More

Evidence of climate change

Pakistan, April 22 -- The Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters and The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction have released their joint report on Economic Losses, Poverty an... Read More

Climate challenges: Role of environ edu crucial

India, April 22 -- The International Mother Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 to remind us that the earth and its ecosystems provide us with life and sustenance. The day provides an opportunity to r... Read More

Manisha gets Chevening Fellowship

BHUBANESWAR, April 22 -- Dr Manisha Acharya has bagged the prestigious British Chevening Fellowship to study Science Research and Innovation Leadership (CRISP) at the University Of Oxford, UK during A... Read More

Work is not for home

India, April 22 -- Effective parenting requires a lot of sacrifice, dedication and time. However, for working parents, time is always short. Since working parents spend a major chunk of their day away... Read More

Read between lines

India, April 22 -- Filmmaker Tigmnashu Dhulia stirred up a hornet's nest when he suggested that actors really do not have any role to play in the success of a film. "Everything is done for them in adv... Read More

The Moral Compass

India, April 22 -- Who decides whether our actions or decisions are morally acceptable or objectionable? A new study reveals that it is the brain activity which is responsible for the differences in o... Read More

Respectability in a transitional society

Pakistan, April 21 -- When I was chief justice of a high court, there used to frequently appear before me a lawyer who on several counts deserved to be elevated as a judge of the court. I found him le... Read More