Recipe for Division : Imposing Uniformity

NEW DELHI, Sept. 13 -- History is a witness to the conflicts and divisions in religions, movements and organizations because of imposition of uniformity by those who were in authority. Innumerable are... Read More

CATALYST FOR EFFICACY: Optimum Use of the Human Resources of Priests and Nuns

NEW DELHI, Sept. 6 -- Recently I was invited by a group of nuns to facilitate the review of Human Resource Policy for the employees of their institutions. It was an occasion for me to reflect on the h... Read More

Opposition Unity - Illusion or Reality?

NEW DELHI, Aug. 30 -- A flurry of political activities, starting from the visit of West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee to Delhi in the last week of July, took place in July-August 2021 in view ... Read More

Practice Values, Counter Terrorism

NEW DELHI, Aug. 23 -- The scenes at Kabul airport on 16th August were heart wrenching as well as chilling: crowds rushing to Kabul's Hamid Karzai International Airport; vehicles jamming the road leadi... Read More

State of the Nation in Modi Era

NEW DELHI, Aug. 16 -- When India celebrates its 74th Independence Anniversary, it is natural for the people to feel proud of the progress the country has made in various fields. It is also time for ma... Read More

Mission of the Church in India Today : BEING SALT & LIGHT

NEW DELHI, Aug. 9 -- The Daily Guardian and Dainik Bhaskar reported on July 15 that the RSS has coined a new slogan against conversion at its Chitrakoot meeting: "Chadar Mukt, Father Mukt Bharat". The... Read More

Humanity in Peril in Our Country

NEW DELHI, Aug. 2 -- The title of this write up is based on an article written by Ruben Banerjee, the editor of Outlook magazine, on 12 July 2021, and the title of his article is "Defending Stan Swamy... Read More

Lessons to Learn

NEW DELHI, July 26 -- Fr. Stan Swamy may be the most known Christian in India after Mother Theresa and the Christian who got the largest media coverage, even more than Mother Theresa got, because of h... Read More

Build Trust among Different Faiths: An Urgent Mission for the Disciples of Jesus

NEW DELHI, July 19 -- If the mission of the present disciples of Jesus is to continue the mission of Jesus in the context in which they live, Christians in India cannot but be concerned about the tect... Read More

Undeclared Emergency: Worse than Declared Emergency of 1975

NEW DELHI, July 5 -- Emergency, whether declared or undeclared, is highly dangerous for democracy because the fundamental rights guaranteed to the citizens under article 19 of Indian constitution are ... Read More