The Network Revolution: How NaaS Empowers Indian Businesses in a Digital Age

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IT and Telecom Industries Embrace Observability to Leverage AI and Cloud: Report

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Tata Communications & Cisco Launch Webex Calling to Transform Cloud Communication

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It is time to ghost the AI dating bots

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Will voice interfaces ever take off?

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Unleashing India's broadcasting power

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Urban Evolution: Unpacking NEC's Vision for Next-Gen Smart Cities

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T for TRAI, telecom, technology, transformation

India, May 23 -- Last week, I received a frantic call from my son during his semester exams. His mobile data was crawling at a snail's pace, rendering the university's online library inaccessible. Add... Read More

Ericsson Showcases Differentiated Connectivity Use Cases that Capture Value of 5G

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A Titan of Indian Industry: Vineet Nayyar (1938-2024)

India, May 21 -- The Indian tech industry mourns the passing of a seminal figure, Vineet Nayyar, who breathed his last in Delhi on 16 May 2024 at the age of 85. A distinguished leader and prescient ar... Read More