How to boost your immune system

Sri Lanka, Sept. 20 -- How can you improve your immune system? On the whole, your immune system does a remarkable job of defending you against disease-causing microorganisms. But sometimes it fails: ... Read More

Progress of sectors under NES not adequate - Past NEC Chief

Sri Lanka, Sept. 20 -- The progress of sectors under the National Export Strategy (NES) is not satisfactory despite the efforts to achieve the outcomes of the national strategy said the past head of t... Read More

Covid-19, an opportunity to boost bilateral ties - Japanese Ambassador

Sri Lanka, Sept. 20 -- Sri Lanka and Japan should introduce strategic moves to convert the global pandemic challenges into opportunities as most of the changes caused by Covid-19 are here to stay, Jap... Read More

Sport and religion conflict at Joes rugby

Sri Lanka, Sept. 20 -- Sports and religion have never been known to be in conflict, with one pontificating clean living and the other demanding fair-play, but the scenario has turned different with ar... Read More

Restored CH and FC threaten to dump the rest in fray

Sri Lanka, Sept. 20 -- Rohitha Rajapaksa, the captain of last season, takes over the team's coaching while Sri Lanka flanker Sudharshana Muthuthanthri will lead a rejuvenated CH and FC at the new inte... Read More

Sri Lanka basketball to be brought under Interim Committee?

Sri Lanka, Sept. 20 -- The Sri Lanka Basketball Federation (SLBF) is likely to be brought under a government appointment Interim Committee following allegations made by players that current office bea... Read More

The importance of digitalising court procedure

Sri Lanka, Sept. 20 -- The current legal system of Sri Lanka dates back to 1801, the year that the British established the Supreme Court of Judicature in the island of Ceylon. Sri Lanka is a unique co... Read More

20A, an end to the long dark night

Sri Lanka, Sept. 20 -- The 20th Amendment to the Constitution will become law soon. It means one thing - the nation's long nightmare that was called the 19th Amendment is over. It will be as if the d... Read More

Igalagamage comes close to grabbing elite slot

Sri Lanka, Sept. 20 -- Sri Lanka may have discovered a batsman that is just the kind of stroke-maker who can open the innings as a solid hitter of the ball and a mainstay at the crease in Test or ODI ... Read More

While others fall we stand for all

Sri Lanka, Sept. 20 -- The long-awaited 42nd Observer -Mobitel School Cricketers of the Year contests have been fixed to be held in mid-November, no sooner the GCE Advanced Level examination is over. ... Read More