Waiting till the cows come home

Kathmandu, Oct. 25 -- The first thing one notices these days while travelling by road in the Tarai are hundreds of cattle blocking the East-West Highway, mainly at intersections like Atariya or Kohalp... Read More

Saving Nepal's last wild dogs

Kathmandu, Oct. 25 -- Wild dogs get a bad press in Nepal, almost as bad as hyenas. The fact that the Nepali word for the wild dog (bwanso) is also used to refer to the wolf is part of the problem Bwa... Read More

In an Animal Farm

Kathmandu, Oct. 25 -- George Orwell wrote 1984 to warn us about tyranny perpetuated by fear, and Animal Farm to tell an allegorical tale of the decay of communism. As history steps into the new decade... Read More

From heads to toes

Kathmandu, Oct. 25 -- King Mahendra made it mandatory for government officials to don the dhaka topi to work 60 years ago, giving the traditional weave state sanction. The fabric had been part of Nepa... Read More

Getting away with murder

Kathmandu, Oct. 24 -- Rautahat MP Mohammad Aftab Alam, currently in police custody charged with murder, has refused to take a polygraph test, angering the police and making a mockery of the law. In fa... Read More

"Nepal is a microcosm of all of the changes in world health"

Kathmandu, Oct. 23 -- Sir Jeremy Farrar is a British medical doctor and researcher with 30 years of experience in tropical and infectious diseases. In 2013, he was appointed director of the Wellcome T... Read More

Lumbini Museum exhibition in Burma

Kathmandu, Oct. 20 -- President Bidya Devi Bhandari concluded her four-day state visit to Burma on 19 October by inaugurating an exhibition on Lumbini, a UNESCO World Heritage Property, in Yangon's ic... Read More

Mr Bean's son is a Gurkha

Kathmandu, Oct. 19 -- The son of British comedian, Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) has been recruited in The British Gurkha brigade. Ben Atkinson spent three months in Nepal to complete the enlistment proc... Read More

Nepal-Norway orchestra find harmonies

Kathmandu, Oct. 19 -- Rajkumar Shrestha flicked his baton, musicians raised their instruments, and the audience at the Academy Hall in Kathmandu stood up for Nepal's national anthem gloriously rendere... Read More

"I am not leaving cricket, I will still play for Nepal"

Kathmandu, Oct. 18 -- Paras Khadka has stepped down as the captain of Nepal's national cricket team, making the abrupt announcement via a Twitter post on 15 October, shocking many. It came a day after... Read More