Kathmandu, Jan. 26 -- NCP parliamentarian Agni Sapkota has been elected Speaker of the House of Representatives, despite ongoing protests against his candidacy. Sapkota, of former Maoist faction, has ... Read More

Hearing for the deaf, seeing for the blind

Kathmandu, Jan. 24 -- Sarah Yonzan Giri never intended to become a sign-language expert. The wife of Nepal's famous Panchayat-era prime minister, she was living in Bangalore in 2002 when she wandered ... Read More

Sightseeing for the blind

Kathmandu, Jan. 24 -- As Alex T James stood before a white lion statue in Kathmandu Darbar Square, his sighted partner took his hand and guided it across the curves of the lion's belly and the divots ... Read More

Nepalis go salmon fishing in Kamchatka

Kathmandu, Jan. 24 -- Few Nepalis know where Kamchatka is, and the ones who do probably heard about it from the board game 'Risk', where it is described as the remote region between Asia and North Ame... Read More

Listening to the hearing impaired

Kathmandu, Jan. 24 -- In 2013, a government directive required every national television channel that broadcasts news to broadcast it in sign language at least once a day. Seven years later, even the ... Read More

"Business, bureaucracy and politicians all plundering the Chure"

Kathmandu, Jan. 24 -- On 10 January, 24-year-old Dilip Mahato was killed for opposing the 'Crusher' industry in Dhanusha that was illegally mining sand from a river. This week, another Dhanusha native... Read More


Kathmandu, Jan. 24 -- The Nepal Communist Party (NCP) government completes two years in power next month. Despite its strong majority, the party's performance has been underwhelming. It may look like... Read More

Nepal's Tarai is over-run by cattle

Kathmandu, Jan. 21 -- Nepalganj is expanding as a hub for western Nepal, with a new six-lane highway linking it to Kohalpur and upgrading work on the airport. But these days the city and its surroundi... Read More

14 years after conflict, no closure in Nepal

Kathmandu, Jan. 21 -- Fourteen years after the end of the conflict, a slew of controversial decisions and pronouncements by leaders of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) in the past two weeks has ... Read More

Nepali ultra-marathoner's anti-litter drive

Kathmandu, Jan. 20 -- One of the best and nearest hiking trails from Kathmandu is the Champadevi-Chandragiri walk - it offers a splendid view of the Himalaya as well as the city sprawled below. But a... Read More