Nepal to conduct census amidst Covid-19 surge

Kathmandu, April 17 -- Nepal is being engulfed by a second Covid-19 wave, but that has not deterred the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) as it puts finishing touches to an ambitious National Populat... Read More

Of mountains and of people

Kathmandu, April 11 -- When we utter the word 'mountain', many things come to mind, as does the imagination of a collective identity of a people whose lives are punctuated with hardships of the diffic... Read More

The anatomy of a flower

Kathmandu, April 5 -- I can't help myself when I see flowers," saysbotanical artist and illustrator Neera Joshi." I have to paint them." Outside her studio, the spring garden is blooming with bright ... Read More

Everybody counts in Nepal

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Women leaders seen, but not heard

Kathmandu, March 5 -- As the struggle for supremacy in Nepal's politics enters a new and uncertain phase with a session of the restored Lower House on Sunday, noticeably absent are the country's women... Read More

Riding on the waves of colours

Kathmandu, Feb. 18 -- Inside Dhokaima Cafe's Van Gogh room, Aakash Pradhan's photo collages are like splashes of colour on black walls of a dark room. They form part of an online art platform, Tulika... Read More