Non-government of Nepal

Kathmandu, Oct. 21 -- The first 100 days of Sher Bahadur Deuba as fifth-time prime minister is not a huge disappointment to Nepalis - most did not expect much from it. To be sure, it is not all Deuba... Read More

New malaria vaccine may not help Nepal

Kathmandu, Oct. 7 -- The endorsement on Wednesday in Geneva by the World Health Organisation (WHO) of the new malaria vaccine Mosquirix has been described as a milestone for Africa, but experts doubt ... Read More

The jabs and jabnots

Kathmandu, Oct. 7 -- A post-graduate student of mechanical engineering Samita Rimal is completing her 14-day quarantine in a hotel in Montreal. Despite being fully vaccinated with VeroCell in Nepal, s... Read More

Dirty Kathmandu air gets dirtier

Kathmandu, Sept. 24 -- Kathmandu's air quality has just got considerably worse, not just because of dirtier air, but because the World Health Organisation (WHO) has revised its Global Air Quality Guid... Read More

Too early for Nepal to let its guard down

Kathmandu, Sept. 17 -- UPDATE: The Kathmandu District administration on Thursday decided to put off the reopening of in-person classes, citing that new Covid-19 cases have not dropped as expected. On... Read More

Medicine goes back to its roots

Kathmandu, Sept. 3 -- Nearly two years after the globalCovid-19 pandemicbegan, there has been a revival of traditional Ayurveda medicines that boost the human immune system. While some dismiss herbal ... Read More

Behind the masks

Kathmandu, Aug. 27 -- In January Nepal became the first country in South Asia tostart the Covid-19 vaccination drive.Today, despite delays and adevastating second wave,close to 15% of the population i... Read More

Karnali's Covid blues

Kathmandu, Aug. 11 -- The news of Covid infections in Karnali do not readily reach the capital. But remote districts in this far-flung region have some of the highest coronavirus fatality rates in the... Read More

UN climate report declares planetary emergency

KATHMANDU, Aug. 9 -- As if the drought, wildfire and flood disasters this year were not bad enough, scientists have warned that unless the world reduces emissions of greenhouse gases drastically, thes... Read More

Nepal sees spike in suicides during pandemic

KATHMANDU, Aug. 7 -- Two years ago after going through a bad relationship, a 36-year-old Kathmandu-based doctor started getting suicidal thoughts. During the long months of lockdown, he would be on th... Read More