Nepal must prepare for climate migration

Kathmandu, Dec. 6 -- In the past, Nepalis have migrated to India for seasonal labour and military recruitment. Today they fly overseas for work. Tomorrow they may have to migrate in increasing numbers... Read More

How many rhinos is enough rhinos?

Kathmandu, Nov. 29 -- Despite Nepal achieving zero rhino poaching for the past five years, conservationists say the country should not let its guard down given the official extinction of the Sumatran ... Read More

Nepal villages learn to cope with climate crisis

Kathmandu, Nov. 22 -- Most research about climate impact in the Himalaya deals with receding snowlines and retreating glaciers. A lot less is known about how farmers are managing with too much - or to... Read More

Bringing Silicon Valley to Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu, Nov. 15 -- For those who think that Nepal is too underdeveloped to make full use of artificial intelligence (AI), think again. That is exactly what they used to say about computers and mobi... Read More

Nearly half of Nepali children still malnourished

Kathmandu, Nov. 6 -- For the first two decades after 1990, Nepal took great strides in reducing malnutrition. But progress has stalled. Nepal registered one of the most dramatic reductions in underno... Read More

The superfoods of the Andes and the Himalaya

Kathmandu, Oct. 4 -- The nutritious grain that mountain peoples of the Americas and high Asia cultivated were displaced by wheat and rice, but they are staging a comeback thanks to growing public cons... Read More

Mosquitoes move up mountains as the earth warms

Kathmandu, Sept. 13 -- With over 8,000 reported dengue cases and an estimated 80,000 infections in five months, Nepal's viral fever epidemic this year has gone viral. So far six people have died, and ... Read More

Climate-health emergency

Kathmandu, Sept. 13 -- An unusually wet monsoon, increased human mobility and climate change are reasons why this year's dengue outbreak in Nepal has been the worst so far. Already, six people have lo... Read More