Nepal braces for monsoon-pandemic double hit

Kathmandu, June 9 -- By any measure, the past year has been disastrous for Nepal. The Covid-19 lockdowns devastated the economy, the 2020 monsoon killed a record number of people, and this year the se... Read More

The nature of pandemics

Kathmandu, June 4 -- Over 172 million infections and nearly 4 million lives later, the exact origin of the Covid-19 pandemic is still a matter of debate. But scientists have a pretty good guess. Earl... Read More

Protecting those who protect us from Covid

Kathmandu, May 26 -- On 20 May, the Health Ministry released a condolence message for doctors including Ishwor Lal Acharya, Mukesh Chaudhary and Pujya Shree Karki who lost their lives to Covid-19. Ne... Read More

It's an Emergency

Kathmandu, May 20 -- To save lives, Nepal's most urgent need now is oxygen. Not just cylinders, but oxygen generators, concentrators and liquid oxygen. Most infected people are not succumbing to Covid... Read More

Nepal leads in snow leopard study

Kathmandu, May 17 -- What has helped save the endangered snow leopard thus far is that it lives in the world's most inhospitable mountain terrain. But this is changing as new roads improve access, mak... Read More

Cataloguing Nepal's idols to stop theft

Kathmandu, May 5 -- Ulrich von Schroeder first came to Nepal as a student of architecture in the summer of 1965 aged 22, backpacking overland from Switzerland. While other young westerners hung around... Read More

Microcosms of a pandemic

Kathmandu, May 5 -- Every day, many Nepalis across the country religiously tune in to the Health Ministry's website, Facebook or Twitter at 4PM. It is thesame grim statistics every day:another day, an... Read More

Kathmandu locks down again

Kathmandu, April 26 -- There isa feelingofdeja vuin Nepal as the country goes into a Covid-19 lockdown all over again one year later. The only difference this time is that thedisease threatens to be m... Read More

Unmasking the second wave

Kathmandu, April 15 -- As Nepal plunges headlong into thesecond wave of Covid-19, the new surge is infecting more young people and children than before and making them sicker. This has raised fears th... Read More

1st signs of the 2nd wave in Nepal

Kathmandu, April 8 -- Nepalis had started to heave a sigh of relief with thestart of the vaccine drive,but the latest surge in infection rates show there is much to be vigilant about. On 7 April 2021,... Read More