1st signs of the 2nd wave in Nepal

Kathmandu, April 8 -- Nepalis had started to heave a sigh of relief with thestart of the vaccine drive,but the latest surge in infection rates show there is much to be vigilant about. On 7 April 2021,... Read More

Nepal braces for its 2nd Covid wave

Kathmandu, April 6 -- India reported over 100,000 new cases on a single day for the first time on Monday, putting neighbouring Nepal on high alert. A repeat of what happened exactly a year ago seems l... Read More

The carbon footprint of Nepal's tourism

Kathmandu, April 2 -- Even the most optimistic scenario is that it will take at leastfive years for Nepal's travel industry to recoverfrom the pandemic impact. However, the country has an opportunity... Read More

Clearing the air

Kathmandu, April 1 -- The air has finally cleared after a week in which hundreds of wildfires ravaged the Himalayan foothills and the Tarai, shrouding the whole country in smoke. The Air Quality Index... Read More

Thick haze adds to Nepal Covid-19 woes

Kathmandu, March 28 -- After a year of living in the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic, Nepalis were bracing themselves for a second wave from India, when they were hit by an unexpected disaster:wildfir... Read More

Kathmandu's new motorbike museum

Kathmandu, March 23 -- Saurabh Jyoti has had a lifelong infatuation with motorcycles, and a hobby collecting superhero figures. At age 47 he has decided to combine these two interests in Nepal's first... Read More

1.6 million vaccinated, 20 million to go

Kathmandu, March 18 -- After immunising over 1.6 million Nepalis against Covid-19, the government now plans to administer the rest of the 600,000 jabs that it has in stock for second doses starting 20... Read More

Despite doubts, Nepal sticks with AstraZeneca jabs

Kathmandu, March 17 -- Over 1.6 million Nepalis have so far been inoculated against the coronavirus, all of them with the AstraZeneca vaccine that severalEuropean countries have suspendedbecause of fe... Read More

Nepal should now allow visa on arrival

Kathmandu, March 10 -- It was exactly a year ago that Nepal went into lockdown after detecting its second case of Covid-19, devastating the tourism industry and impacting the economy. But despite a fa... Read More

Nepal fights infodemic to push vaccine

Kathmandu, Feb. 25 -- So far, 450,000 Nepalis have received the first dose of Covishield, reaching 85% of the target group in thefirst phase of the country's Covid vaccination drive. Starting 7 March... Read More