Nepal, China re-measure height of Mt Everest

Kathmandu, Sept. 10 -- If it was not for the Covid-19 pandemic, we would by now have found out the result of thelatest measurement of the world's highest mountain. Yes, 8,848m (29,028ft) is widely ac... Read More

Lockdown eased in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Sept. 10 -- The jumbled up signs for seven provinces at Kathmandu airport is symbolic of the shambles things in Nepal are in. Nearly half-a-year of lockdown later, there are still 150,000 N... Read More

Reliance shares

Kathmandu, Sept. 10 -- R[/dropcapeliance Life Insurance has listed 6.3 million shares sold to the public at Rs 100 per unit with the Nepal Stock Exchange. The shares were initially issued from 20-24 A... Read More

Pamacare handwash

Kathmandu, Sept. 10 -- Cosmetic company Pamacare has launched its new line of hand-wash which includes 3 flavours: Lavender and Water Lili, Lemon and Mandarin, as well as Tea Tree and Apple. The hand-... Read More

Muktinath Bank

Kathmandu, Sept. 10 -- Muktinath Bikas Bank has entered into an agreement with health institutions Kathmandu Naturopathy Hospital, Vison Concern, Doctor on Call, Surya Healthcare, and the Central Diag... Read More

DFSK Glory 560

Kathmandu, Sept. 10 -- Kiju Nepal marked one year of the sale of its DFsK Glory 580 SUVs manufactured in Indonesia, and is set to introduce the Glory 560 SUVs across the country. Rated 5 stars in the... Read More

Demand for more flights

Kathmandu, Sept. 10 -- As part of the government directive to increase number of arriving passengers to 800 per day, more Nepalis have started arriving on scheduled and chartered repatriation flights.... Read More

Have suicides increased during Nepal lockdown?

Kathmandu, Sept. 10 -- One of the stories that has been making the rounds since the Covid-19 lockdown that began nearly six months ago is that the suicide rate in Nepal has gone up in that period. But... Read More

World lost 2/3 of its animals in 50 years: WWF report

Kathmandu, Sept. 10 -- In its latestLiving Planet Report 2020released on Thursday, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has revealed that there has been a two-thirds decline in the global populations of mamm... Read More

Nepal's leaders are in isolation

Kathmandu, Sept. 9 -- Until vaccines and therapies are available, we in Nepal like everywhere else in the world, have to learn to live with this scourge. Extending the lockdown is not the answer unles... Read More