Supreme Court puts Nepal politics back on track

Kathmandu, Feb. 23 -- The Constitutional Bench of Nepal's Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that a prime minister with a majority in Parliament did not have the authority to dissolve it, ending two month... Read More

Nepal Supreme Court restores House

Kathmandu, Feb. 23 -- In what is a major setback to Prime Minister K P Oli, Nepal's Supreme Court has overturned his dissolution on 20 December of the Lower House of Parliament and announcement of sna... Read More

Harnessing the sun to pump water

Kathmandu, Feb. 23 -- The answer to low agricultural productivity made worse by the climate crisis is simple: water. But the challenge has always been to find the energy topump water to rain-fed terra... Read More

Daraz Haat Bazaar

Kathmandu, Feb. 23 -- The Daraz Haat Bazaar campaign is set to begin from 23 February, offering customers mega deals, free shipping and vouchers, as well as deals in the latest gadgets, clothes, and g... Read More

Tried, tested and failed

Kathmandu, Feb. 22 -- Who says there is no freedom of expression in this country? Just listen to the no holds barred abuse that Nepal's serial prime ministers are hurling at each other in their battle... Read More

Zoomed out

Kathmandu, Feb. 21 -- Now that I have one year of practice of Zooming around, the wealth of experience I have amassed makes me a self-appointed expert on conducting webinars, video conferencing, e-mee... Read More

South Asia's vaccine geopolitics

Kathmandu, Feb. 21 -- Amidst the pandemic, Covid-19 vaccines have become a means for countries to exert influence over others. This has seen global powers flex their manufacturing prowess to reap geop... Read More

Airlines help vaccine airlift

Kathmandu, Feb. 21 -- In a landmark initiative, the world's 10 leading airlines have joined UNICEF in its Humanitarian Airfreight Initiative to the airlift of Covid-19 vaccines, essential medicines, m... Read More

A green city is a smart city

Kathmandu, Feb. 21 -- For those growing up in the 1980s in Kathmandu, the 'Green Belt' became a familiar term as poplars rose up along the Ring Road. Over the years, this strip of green gave Kathmandu... Read More

Nepal's mega-dam is a mirage

Kathmandu, Feb. 20 -- Plans to build Nepal's biggest hydropower project was been delayed by politics for 10 years, but now it is on hold because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The 263-m high dam on the Bu... Read More