Rude Food by Vir Sanghvi: Give us this day our daily bread

India, April 11 -- It was writing about sourdough bread a few weeks ago that finally did it. We all realise that India (the world, even) is going through a baking boom. But not everyone is baking inte... Read More

Technical Guruji: GoPro vs Drone and which is the smartest TV of them all?

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Ami Patel: Accessorise but not excessively

India, April 11 -- Accessorise right I hate wearing jewellery, and only wear a watch. What can I do to not accessorise and still look dressed? -Anita Vaghani, Mumbai Let me break this up into two p... Read More

Jeremy Jauncey: Surprise trips for all & an adventurous honeymoon

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HT Brunch Social Media Star of The Week: Chef Bani Nanda

India, April 11 -- What does a baker do when she is asked to serve up a cake without gluten, sugar, maida, cream, fruits and nuts? She'll present you with a slab of ice. That's what Chef Bani Nanda, ... Read More

Major city projects - Metro, 24x7 water supply - likely to be hit by labourers leaving city

India, April 11 -- PUNE Amidst of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, labourers have begun rushing to their hometowns, which affects the city's big projects like Pune Metro and 24x7 equitable water su... Read More

'He has to be my go-to man': Apprentice Rishabh Pant puts over master MS Dhoni after Delhi Capitals' big win

India, April 11 -- The apprentice Rishabh Pant won the battle against his master MS Dhoni as Delhi Capitals pulled off a superb seven-wicket win against Chennai Super Kings on Saturday. Pant started h... Read More

"At 22, I was pining for my ex-boyfriend," says Tisca Chopra

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HT Brunch Game Show: Who made the smartest switch?

India, April 11 -- Larissa D'Sa, 28 Then and now: "I started as a YouTuber with a DIY crafts-centric channel in 2012. Two years later, I became a lifestyle content creator and last year, on December ... Read More

Ankita Lokhande shares video of her journey with boyfriend Vicky Jain, fans want them to get married. Watch

India, April 11 -- Actor REPLACED REPLACED The video opened with a view of the sunset and a few quotes that say, "He makes her happy in a way no one else can" and "She need him like a heart needs be... Read More