Digitalization in Healthcare Proves Hot Topic of Discussion at the Middle East's Leading Diagnostics Conference in Dubai

Dubai, April 18 -- With digital transformation sweeping across the healthcare sector, specifically in the field of diagnostics, factors such as improving efficiency and turnaround time for test result... Read More

Abu Dhabi Police and Imperial College London Diabetes Centre Launch Weight Loss Challenge for UAE Employees

Dubai, April 18 -- In partnership with Abu Dhabi Police, Imperial College London Diabetes Centre (ICLDC), part of Mubadala's network of world-class healthcare providers, launched its Weight Loss Chall... Read More

The Cultural Foundation Brings a Diverse Public Programme for April 2019

Dubai, April 18 -- Continuing its engagement with the local community, Abu Dhabi's Cultural Foundation is offering a dynamic public programme for the month of April, including weekend workshops, artis... Read More

Sharjah Leadership Programme Introduces Young Emirati Workforce to National Expertise

Dubai, April 18 -- Sharjah for Capability Development (SCD) has taken participants of the 11th annual Sharjah Leadership Programme (SLP) on site visits to a variety of UAE's public and private sector ... Read More

Let Face Yoga Give You a Glow

Dubai, April 18 -- Move over fillers and Botox-there's a new treatment in town-GlowinFace-an unparalleled facial yoga treatment founded by Karin Velikonja. Available at Health and wellness facility, T... Read More

Debunking Weight Lifting Myths

Dubai, April 17 -- A lot of women are keen to tone up and use the gym to shape and trim unwanted bulges and flab. But some of us still believe the old myths about weight lifting that keep us from acti... Read More

Reshape Your Body & Mind with CLINIQUE LA PRAIRIE's Revived Weight Loss System Program

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48 Young Planners Present Minecraft Models of Sharjah's Public Realm

Dubai, April 16 -- Forty-eight young creative thinkers showcased their virtual Minecraft models recently to a packed audience of engineers, urban planners, and technicians, pushing for smarter and mor... Read More

Emirates Aviation University announces coveted internship programme with Emirates Group at GETEX 2019

Dubai, April 16 -- Emirates Aviation University, will return to the Gulf Education and Training Exhibition (GETEX) as a key participant from 17 to 19 April 2019. The exhibition will take place at the ... Read More

Let Beirut Khanum Take You Back in Time to Your Grandmother's Kitchen

Dubai, April 16 -- Let Beirut Khanum Take You Back in Time to Your Grandmother's Kitchen A home-away-from-home culinary concept that has recently launched in Downtown Dubai, Beirut Khanum merges a tr... Read More