This Indian Life by Shoba Narayan: What colour is your chocolate?

India, Jan. 19 -- As I said in my last column, my niece Sumi is gender fluid. My extended clan went through the usual routine: uproar, gossip, blame, shame, self-doubt, and smug rationalisations. Rela... Read More

HT Brunch Cover Story: Meet Shreyas Iyer, the wizard of the wicket!

India, Jan. 19 -- "Pick a card, any card!" He's got the magician's patter down and his nimble fingers perform sleight of hand better than many professional prestidigitators. But card tricks aren't the... Read More

Travel: The Bhutan experience

India, Jan. 18 -- A less than two-hour flight whisks us from Delhi to Paro, Bhutan, and I spend most of the journey with my mouth agape, because on the other side ofmy window, the peaks of Mount Evere... Read More

Personal Agenda with Divya Dutta: If I woke up as a man one day, I would go back to sleep again!

India, Jan. 18 -- If not an actress, what would you have been? A psychiatrist, as I was a student of psychology. What's the best thing about Bollywood? That the crew on every film set becomes like ... Read More

Humour: Five kinds of petrolheads

India, Jan. 18 -- As we stood in the shade of an Udipi restaurant after a breakfast of butter-laden delights, our group began its usual chatter about plans for the rest of the day. While most of the p... Read More

Rude Travel by Vir Sanghvi: A tale of two destinations

India, Jan. 18 -- There are two famous South Asian seaside destinations that I have seen develop before my eyes. The first is Goa. When I first went there (Christmas, 1976, I think), it had only just ... Read More

Men's style and grooming by Yatan Ahluwalia: Your definitive guide to colour

India, Jan. 18 -- Colours play a huge role in showcasing your personality. Here are the three golden rules that need to be kept in mind for choosing the right colours. 1. Colours that match your skin... Read More

CelebsPick: 5 books to read on a long weekend

India, Jan. 18 -- Chill with thrill The Jack Reacher series "Any novel by Lee Child that features his iconic character Jack Reacher makes for a great lazy weekend read. These are fast-paced, simply-... Read More

Sing-along recipes, fallen humans, and some Shakespeare...in this week's WTF

India, Jan. 18 -- How about trying some simple cooking while humming the recipes! The Metronome, proud creator of the Brunch theme song, in her recent video is seen making wholesome and yummy Grilled ... Read More

Spectator by Seema Goswami: Looking back...

India, Jan. 12 -- There is something about the beginning of a new decade that carries with it the promise of a fresh start. We wake up in the new year thinking about how the following 10 years will be... Read More