Sunday Debate: Can independent musicians make money?

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Fitness first: Tracking health

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My India wishlist: never fails to impress!

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Cat-chphrase: Splitting attention

India, Sept. 27 -- Catty conundrum My sister has just moved in with her baby and my cat hates my six-month-old nephew. I love them both.What do I do? -Kartika M, Gurugram If there's one thing I've ... Read More

A chef's best-kept secrets

India, Sept. 27 -- Is there a formula for a tasty leftover dish? -JC, New Delhi Always keep some quality hot sauce and cheese in your pantry for quick-fix snacks. Sandwich leftover veggies in bread ... Read More

Techilicious by Rajiv Makhni: The Apple onslaught in India

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Humour: Less than perfect

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Rude food by Vir Sanghvi: Eating in

India, Sept. 27 -- How do smart restaurateurs cope with the pandemic and all the stresses it entails? Well, the brightest ones adapt to the new reality. Prasanjit Singh is one of India's best restaura... Read More

"When someone says 'I love you', I believe it!" says Kubbra Sait

India, Sept. 27 -- In the first season of Sacred Games in 2018, Kubbra Sait's big reveal of her character being transgender (episode 4) was the first shocker, one that many believed led the way to the... Read More

Men's style and grooming by Yatan Ahluwalia: Get autumn-ready

India, Sept. 27 -- Brown The colour has set off the seasons fashion trends and is going to be the dominating colour for the remaining part of this year. Brown is an earthy, natural warm and masculin... Read More