Liberia: ANC Leader Cummings Says He is Complying With Quarantine Rules

MONROVIA, March 23 -- Speaking to FPA Sunday, Mr. Cummings accused the George Weah-led government of politicizing and changing the decision of the healthcare professionals The political leader of the... Read More

Liberia: COVID-19 Coronavirus Test Negative for Traveler from Italy; 3rd Victim Still Positive

Monrovia, March 22 -- Some 71 persons from a beach party and other areas have reportedly been traced since the announcement of a third infection of the deadly Coronavirus in Liberia. Government spokes... Read More

A Traveler from Italy, A Beach Party and the Tie Binding Liberia's 3rd COVID-19 Case

Monrovia, March 21 -- THIRD CASE CONFIRMED: As authorities commence tracing all those who came in contact with Lenda Russ, FrontPageAfrica has learned that some of the attendees at a beach party, Russ... Read More

Liberia: House of Representatives Ratifies US$40M Direct Budgetary Support Agreement

Liberia, March 20 -- Capitol Hill, Monrovia - The House of Representatives has ratified a US$40 million agreement with the International Development Association (IDA) to directly support fiscal year 2... Read More

La Queen Entertainment Postpones Miss Earth Liberia Due To Coronavirus

Monrovia, March 20 -- La Queen Entertainment, the organizers of Miss Earth Liberia 2020, in adhering to Government's mandate has postponed the red carpet event due to coronavirus that has hit Liberia ... Read More

United Methodist Church Suspends Church Services Over Coronavirus

Monrovia, March 20 -- A statement from the office of Rev. Dr. Samuel J. Quire, Jr., Resident Bishop of the Liberia Annual Conference -United Methodist Church (LAC/UMC) said the Church is suspending al... Read More

Liberia: "After Nyenswah Has Absconded, Has the National Institute of Public Health Still Money to Fight Coronavirus?" - A Rejoinder

Liberia, March 20 -- Truth, as ordained by the fundamental canons of journalism becomes the first casualty when journalists falter in their sacred responsibility to replace facts with fictions; when j... Read More

Liberia Confirms Third Coronavirus Case, Contacts Tracing Underway

Monrovia, March 20 -- Liberia has confirmed a third Corovavirus case. Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe confirmed to FrontPageAfrica that a third person has tested positive for the Coronavirus d... Read More

Liberia: Health Workers Complain of Limited Supply of PPEs, No Medication for Confirmed Coronavirus Victims

MONROVIA, March 20 -- Despite multiple press conferences held by the health authorities on their preparedness to contain the Coronavirus in Liberia, there are emerging reports from the 14 Military Hos... Read More

Liberia: Bong County Technical College Students Lament 10 Years of Schooling without Graduation

Liberia, March 20 -- Gbarnga, Bong County - Beatrice Smith, 27, was hopful that she would have graduated from the Bong County Technical College (BCTC) in the year 2017 when she enrolled back in 2013... Read More