Liberia: German Logging Company Manager Shot, Killed in Buchanan

Liberia, Jan. 22 -- EXPAT FOUND DEAD: Eye witnesses told FrontPageAfrica this morning that Mr. Juergen Schedema died after being shot in the stomach by unknown gun men by 1 am in the company's yard. ... Read More

Liberia: Swift, Proper Communications Needed to Avoid Misunderstanding Between Judiciary and Executive

Liberia, Jan. 22 -- THE PRINT MEDIA in Liberia had some of their pages occupied on Tuesday, January 21, with one story, which had to do with the alleged refusal of the Liberia National Police Inspecto... Read More

Liberia: 11-Yr-Old Raped Victim's Father 'Threatened'

Monrovia, Jan. 22 -- year-old girl who was allegedly sodomized by a Nigerian has been stranded in a local clinic the occurrence of the incident - Since the SOS call by family of 11-year-old Miatta (... Read More

'US Embassy Has the Keys' - Police IG Refutes Contempt of Court Charge in 'Stolen' Vehicle Case

Monrovia, Jan. 22 -- The Inspector General of Police Patrick Sudue said he respects the court and will not do anything to impede its functions. The Inspector General of the Liberia National Police ha... Read More

Championing Diplomatic Intercourse: The Gabriel L. Dennis Foreign Service Institute (FSI) at A Glance

Liberia, Jan. 22 -- Introduction/Background Liberia an independent State since 1847 (Guannu, J.S; 2010) has enjoyed not only the pleasure of diplomatic immunities and rights of sovereign states (Mo... Read More

Chronicle of a Hypocritical Nation: A Glimpse at the Duplicity of People Critical of Weah's Leadership

Liberia, Jan. 22 -- When fallacies and flawed narratives cloud the truth, perception becomes a reality, and all is lost. This is the unfortunate case of Liberia, a nation of contradictions and misconc... Read More

Liberia: Vice President on Strain Ties with President Weah - ' I Wish It Were Closer'

Monrovia, Jan. 22 -- The last time President George Manneh Weah and his Vice President were together in the public domain, the atmosphere, according to VP Jewel Howard Taylor was cordial. It was last ... Read More

Liberia, World Bank Sign US$3.7 Million Agreement to Boost Fisheries Sector

Monrovia, Jan. 22 -- Liberia's Minister of Finance & Development Planning, Samuel Tweah signed on behalf of the Government, while World Bank Liberia Country Manager, Dr. Khwima Nthana signed on behalf... Read More

Hoarding or Shortage? Gasoline Becomes Scarce in Liberia's Capital as Some Vendors Double Price Per Gallon

MONROVIA, Jan. 22 -- TOTAL and SP Filling Stations were the only vendors who sold at regular pump price as other vendors closed to the public while the those selling along the sidewalk doubled the pri... Read More

Liberia: Unity Party Suspends Chairman, Places Him Under Investigation

MONROVIA, Jan. 22 -- Mr. Wilmot Paye was suspended for unilaterally deciding to hold a press conference in the party's name and asked partisans and Liberians, in general, to abstain from the January 6... Read More